Lisa Schliff: Rowen an alternative to Gaines on gun safety, other issues |

Lisa Schliff: Rowen an alternative to Gaines on gun safety, other issues

Democrat Rob Rowen is running for state senate in our own District 1 against incumbent Republican Ted Gaines.

As a Democrat, I would tend to vote for Mr. Rowen, but first I wanted to find out more about him. I was fortunate enough to attend a meeting where he spoke, and was favorably impressed. He will bring to the California Senate a combination of interests and ideas that will develop our district’s safety, economy and standard of living.

Mr. Rowen is a man’s man, whose background includes a six-year stint in Major League Baseball, military service in the U.S. Army, and ownership of a trucking company. He is a gun owner living in a rural setting. At the same time, he brings rationality and good judgment to issues that concern our district. Mr. Rowen supports a waiting period and background checks before purchasing a gun, and is against assault weapons. He said, “There have been more gun deaths since 1969 than in all the wars this country has been involved in. We are the only country in the world that has this problem, and I think we need to deal with it.”

Unlike Mr. Gaines, he is willing to take a stand for gun safety and engage the government in doing the right thing to protect us and our loved ones.

Enriching and improving the economy and prosperity of this region is another concern that Rowen will take on when elected. He supports collective bargaining rights to attain a living wage and proper benefit plans, and unionizing childcare workers. I am eager to see this become a reality here, as I have met so many people who are struggling to make ends meet on low salaries with no benefits. I agree with Mr. Rowen that if one is working, one should be able to at least live on his or her income.

Mr. Rowen offers many other ideas that he will advocate, including developing alternative energy sources that will provide good jobs, bringing more high-speed internet, more community colleges in areas that presently are lacking them, and an extraction tax on oil drilling in California. Contrast his positions with those of Mr. Gaines, whose voting record from August 2014 to June 2016 is an almost solid “no” on everything.

He consistently voted against any gun restriction whatsoever, including the requirement of replica guns being made in fluorescent colors (which would protect innocent children playing with them).

He voted against raising the minimum wage this year and against childcare workers being able to form unions. We have an opportunity this November to replace Gaines with a senator who will work to do many good things for California. Let’s vote for Rob Rowen.

Lisa Schliff lives in Grass Valley.

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