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Letters to the Editor: April 20, 2018

Respecting Rules & Each Other

When we see that a few people can cost so many members a great deal of money and distress, we have to wonder why they live here?
Most of us live here because we not only love this place, we love the rules (L.W.W. Restrictions and By-Laws) which protect those who have thoughtfully chosen to live here.
People who do not like the rules and restrictions respectfully choose not to live here. Lake Wildwood is special, it is different, it is not the right place for everyone.

Don and Barbara Bethe
Lake Wildwood

Kudos to Directors Price and Towne

I feel that Cindy Brice and Paul Towne deserve KUDOS for the courage and politeness when they stood to the abuse from some members of the Board of Directors at the March 4 meeting.
Ii seems to me so many people are leaving this community do so because they feel they are not listened to at all by some very self-righteous members of our board.
I love Lake Wildwood and hope to be able to spend the rest of my life here.
But, right now, I’m a very disappointed member of our community.

Dorothea McAlister
Lake Wildwood

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