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Letters to the Editor

A Matter of Life

and Death

We support the Penn Valley Fire Benefit Assessment.

Why do you ask?

My husband Jack Valentine would not be alive today if it were not for the Penn Valley Fire Paramedics stationed at our main gate who arrived at our home in just minutes after I placed the call to 911 letting them know my husband had experienced a cardiac event and was unresponsive.

The Paramedics arrived in minutes (even though it seemed like an eternity to me) and immediately began working on Jack and they did work hard. He did not respond immediately but they did not stop, there was a heart flutter and they continued working until they had a response from him much to my relief.

The additional annual assessment on our tax bill of $215.87 does not seem like much of a fee for the service they render, 24hours a day 7 days a week. We realize in these strange times we all find ourselves living through that another charge on our tax bill is just another burden to bear but to us it does not seem that at all.

One never knows when the services of our Penn Valley Paramedics and Fire will be needed and the comfort to know they are there is worth millions in peace of mind and a feeling of security.

I cringe at the thought they could not be available when any of us need them.

Their availability in seconds when seconds count should be very important to all of us who live in this beautiful community. Please vote yes on this ballot measure. Please get your ballot in by June 2nd and not a minute after.

This is an issue of life and death and it could be your life.

Jack and Kathie Valentine

Lake Wildwood

Protect Penn Valley

I received my ballot in the mail yesterday, and I voted “Yes” to Protect Penn Valley (PVFD Benefit Assessment).

Once you receive your ballot, the legal property owner can vote by marking the ballot choice. Please note that the legal property owner’s signature must be on the ballot in order to be counted.

The ballots must be returned no later than June 2, 2020. Either mail back in the green self-addressed, stamped envelope or drop off at the PVFD Spenceville Road fire station.

Let others know you’re proud to protect Penn Valley. I added this tag: “Protect Penn Valley. I Voted Yes!” on my Facebook page.

You can update your facebook page too. It’s easy, just go to the “Protect Penn Valley” Facebook page and click on the link to add the “I voted Yes” button on your profile photo.

Virginia Gompertz

PVFD Benefit Assessment Committee

Olderly vs Elderly

Checking my mailbox upon returning home from a gorgeous day on the golf course, I retrieved my favorite newspaper, The Wildwood Independent.

Going inside and fixing my favorite cordial and relaxing in my easy chair, I started reading what the Independent had to say. Turning to Page 2 there was Cathy’s Space titled “Elderly,” a word used 10 times in the article.

Cathy is a genuinely nice lady and writes quite informative articles.

The last paragraph makes an important statement about “believing what you are”.

Well, I am not “Elderly”, I am “Olderly”!

“Olderly” means I am just enjoying growing older and having a birthday every year. I sure as heck do not want to be referred to as “Elderly”!

Dave Doench

Chaparral Circle

Dave tried faxing this to me in late March, as a humorous response to Cathy’s piece in the March 20 edition. When the technical issues cleared (fax?) last week, he asked to post this is response, via email. — md

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