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Letters to the Editor

Wisdom and Humor

I am a resident of Lake Wildwood Country Club. I read The Wildwood Independent regularly, in fact, look forward to each edition coming in the mail. I have been meaning to communicate and compliment the paper and its staff.

I particularly enjoy your “Editor’s Note” and Cathy Fagan in her “Cathy’s Place.” The wisdoms and humor are what I look forward to reading on the first and third Fridays.

Of course I also enjoy the reporting of Bryan Cox in his “From the Desk of the General Manager,” very important to all of us Lake Wildwood residents. Any that neglect to read our community paper are missing out on so much information and food for thought available to them.

P.S. I want to thank Cathy Fagan for the chocolate chip cookies included in Katy’s Monday pick-up meals this week!!!!!

Ruth Jacobsen

Hemlock Drive

Public Unlimited Golf Misconceptions

The assertion that the Public Unlimited Golf Program (PUP) limits participants to the Golf Course and the Clubhouse is not factual. This and other assertions about limits on PUP participants are not supported by the PUP Agreement, which governs the program, is executed by the PUP participant and the Lake Wildwood General Manager.

1. Participants are not limited to the Golf Course and Clubhouse.

The PUP is effectively an annual pass to enter Lake Wildwood and to partake of virtually all Lake Wildwood amenities. There is nothing in the PUP Agreement that restricts access to the Golf Course and Clubhouse. In fact, the PUP Agreement provides in the first and last pages: “…the opportunity to enjoy golf and social facilities …”; “…(the PUP) offered an opportunity to obtain the recreational and social benefits of LWW…”; and “May have guest privileges.” These statements invite access to amenities including parks, beaches, Clubhouse and the Community Center.

2. PUP participants cannot be cited for parking outside the Clubhouse lower parking lot.

The notion that PUP participants can be cited for parking on the road margins is not factual. There is nothing in the PUP Agreement that prohibits parking on the road margins where no pass is required, nor for depositing people anywhere. Therefore, there is no basis for citing parking in roadside margins where others are permitted to park.

Although parking permits limited to the lower parking lot of the Clubhouse have been issued to participants and their guests, the PUP Agreement does not limit their parking to the Clubhouse lower lot.

3. The Lake Wildwood governing documents do not provide for PUP participant invited guests.

PUP participants are considered guests — not members. The Lake Wildwood governing documents allow Member-invited guests, including contractors, etc., but they do not provide for guests invited by other guests. Members know and are responsible for their guests and provide a recourse for any violations. (PUP participants and their guests can number as many as 80, including 20 participant plus 60 guests. Additional car passengers are also possible.)

4. Guests and contractors invited into Lake Wildwood and special events are not valid justifications for granting annual Lake Wildwood passes to the public under the PUP.

Short-term guests and special events are restricted by short duration and location. Of concern is the long-term inconvenience of crowded amenities, such as beaches, parks and the bar when seating of Members on many entertainment days and most entertainment nights cannot be accommodated. There is no way to know the extent to which PUP participants add to the problem since they are indistinguishable from Members and their guests.

5. Are fees paid by PUP participants for golf and the Clubhouse sufficient to warrant their annual access to Lake Wildwood and its amenities?

Amenities are financially supported by Members paying a substantial annual assessment, while PUP participants can enjoy the same amenities by merely paying a golf fee (which in some cases is reduced by pro ration, though the PUP Agreement does not provide that option). At issue is whether the reduction of annual assessments from fees from the public for long-term access to Lake Wildwood is considered sufficient by the Membership to warrant the loss of exclusivity and the inconvenience of sharing and sometimes competing for space and seating at events parks and beaches, and especially at the bar on entertainment nights.

The projected income from PUP participants in the proposed budget amounts to about a $14 reduction in annual assessment per owner. The amount of golf fees paid by PUP guests is not known, but if added to PUP fees, it is reasonable to assume that the total reduction in annual assessment would be less than $20 per owner.

It is not known how much PUP guests spend at the Clubhouse restaurant and bar, but this hypothetical example is a basis for estimation: If 50 PUP guests spend $50.00 per month for food and beverages for 12 months, the reduction in annual amenity per owner would be 53 cents, assuming an average profit margin of 5%, based on a range of 3 to 5% provided by Google. (This is optimistic since the Clubhouse currently has a negative profit margin.)

The fundamental question is whether the reduction in annual assessments resulting from fees for public access is considered sufficient by the Membership to be worth the sacrifice of exclusivity and the inconvenience of potential competition for space and seating at crowded amenities. An online survey of Members could answer this question. Is there any valid reason why the Membership should not be asked whether a change to the character of our gated community to permit paid public access is acceptable?

Members can make their opinions known to the Board at board at lww.org.

Gary Kahn

Lake Wildwood

Helping Each Other

The Rotary Club of Penn Valley would like to thank Players Restaurant and Sports Bar’s owners Dave and Tina for allowing us to hold our “Pizza for Polio” event even during these crazy times. They are truly a pillar of our community, offering to help out whenever possible. For this time and all the others, we thank you! Because you have done your part to help our community, so will we do our part to help you. We are in this together.

Lindy Beatie

President, Rotary Club of Penn Valley

We Need Our Firefighters/ Paramedics Now More Than Ever

I hope you all are staying safe. These are crazy days, to say the least.

We need our firefighters/paramedics now more than ever. This pandemic is growing in western Nevada County. As you can see in the news, the government and businesses are gearing up for long-term solutions. Our community needs a long-term solution to improve response times, retain existing fire fighters and paramedics and hire new personnel to fully staff fire stations. Penn Valley staffs two firehouses: Station 43 on Spencerville Road and Station 44 at the main gate to Lake Wildwood. At any given time there are personnel to operate two sets of equipment, ambulance or engine.

There has been a 62% increase in emergency calls since 2005, however staffing has not increased to meet the demand. Therefore firefighter/paramedic response times are increasing.

The assessment increase will provide the ability to operate three vehicles per shift, providing faster firefighter/paramedic responses times.

Virginia Gompertz

PVFD Benefit Assessment Committee

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