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Les Beretta—A Memoriam

Our long-time fishing friend, Les Beretta, passed away on Thursday, March 11, at the age of 101. He leaves behind not only his large and loving family, but scores of friends in Lake Wildwood.
Les moved here from the Bay Area in 1983, followed five years later by his brother, Fred. Although the brothers were not founders of the Fishing Club, they were a vital part of its activities and were frequent tournament winners. Les and Fred always fished together as a team. They never failed to share their “secrets” with old and young alike and were warmly welcomed wherever they went. In 2015 they sold their fishing boat. It had become too difficult to board and launch the familiar blue and white “Tracker,” which had been on the water for so many years.
So now we say farewell to our dear and gentle friend . . . and we are still fortunate to be able to share fishing stories with Fred. R.I.P.

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