Larson and Frazier-Hart Share First Place — Four Drops Each |

Larson and Frazier-Hart Share First Place — Four Drops Each

Ima Putterpal

For several weeks our weekly play days have interrupted by very special tournaments and important holidays like July Fourth.

Looking ahead at our calendar, we will be enjoying our regular Thursday morning meetings until Sept. 12 when the entire golf course is scheduled to be closed for aerification.

At this point in time, the only meeting to report about is our June 27 meeting.

Twenty-seven members were present and demonstrated their putting skills.

This group is getting better and better at shooting aces.

Jan Larson and Rose Frazier-Hart shared First Place when they both shot four aces! Well done, ladies.

The three aces shot by Susan Dean put her in Second Place. When Kristi Haney, Carol Nizzi, Irmgard Boies, Lois Dahl, Patti Lawrence, Rita Texeira, Barbara Tagg, Shelby McNamara and Kat Tuttle each shot two aces, they had their claim on Third Place.

Last but not least, Fourth Place went to seven members who each shot one ace: Patti Haney, Joan Bachus, Cherie Ferguson, Bobsie Bostie, Linda Brown, Cherie Mayfield and Judy Mann.

More ties are coming up in the 18-Hole Putting Competition. Two members, Dianne Riel and Lois Dahl, shared First Place by shooting 35! Second Place, each player shooting 37, was won by Irmgard Boies and Barbara Tagg. Third Place was shared by four members when each shot 38: Patti Haney, Joan Bachus, Jan Larson and Shelby McNamara McNamara. Congratulations to you all.

Looking forward to seeing more Putters on Thursday mornings as summer progresses.

With more regular meeting days, I suspect this column will be reporting more of our competitions.

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