Lake Wildwood’s ‘First Ladies’ |

Lake Wildwood’s ‘First Ladies’

Last month, Melania Trump, aka Caryl Fairfull, held a very special social occasion at the LWW White House. First Ladies from bygone eras were invited to lunch together and share the stories of their White House experiences.
Guests included, almost in the order of Presidential terms: Mrs. Dolley Madison, aka Deborah Stein, Edith Wilson, aka Judy Armstrong-Reilly, Florence Harding, aka Terri Nordby, Mamie Eisenhower, aka Barbara Cross, Barbara Bush, aka Cathy Jones, Laura Bush, aka Deanna Heyser, Hilary Clinton, aka Laurie Foster, and Melania Trump. Mamie showed up in her beloved pink dress, and Edith Wilson looked fantastic in her period ensemble.
The menu served by the White House maid, Chris Megenity as well as being attended to by butler Bennie, Doug Fairfull.
We staeted with Sangria, cold Southwestern fresh corn soup garnished with avocado, fresh from the farm cherry tomAToes and fresh corn cut off the cob, spring greens with a piece of salmon and pineapple upside down cake.
Pinot Grigio flowed abundantly as White House secrets surfaced among the First Ladies. It was amazing how similar the issues are from the time of Dolley Madison, Florence Harding , and Edith Wilson to the challenges faced by Melania today. Women’s rights, the press and fake news, and infidelity have not changed though we thoroughly enjoyed the timely stories they told as they slipped through the seams of time travel.
We cherished meeting one another on The White House grounds and hearing about the diverse ways each First Lady decorated and entertained during their tenure. Each of us shared our unique contributions that followed our personal passions. It is only being befitting to the role as First Lady that if we weren’t helping our husbands run the country, to the person, we, collectively engaged in providing opportunities for our electorate to enjoy a more abundant and fruitful life in the United States of America. LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

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