Lake Treatment Notice |

Lake Treatment Notice

Lake Wildwood Association

CLI staff performed a survey of Lake Wildwood on Thursday, July 25, 2019 to identify aquatic vegetation growth conditions, and performed some spot touch up treatments as required in areas where vegetation growth could develop to nuisance proportions.

On Friday, Aug, 9, 2019, CLI staff are planning to perform another survey of Lake Wildwood, and any areas requiring treatment will be treated with the aquatic herbicides Aquathol K (active ingredient endothall). There are no restrictions against swimming, fishing, or irrigation.

Below is a photo outline of the July 25th survey data. The Blue areas contain minimal to no submerged aquatic vegetation, Green areas contain light vegetation growth, Yellow areas indicate medium density vegetation growth, and Red areas indicate denser vegetation growth. Some of the red areas in the aerial below were treated following the survey on July 25.

If you have any questions, contact Public Works at 432-1170 .

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