Lady Niners — Jones captures August’s ‘Most Improved’ Title |

Lady Niners — Jones captures August’s ‘Most Improved’ Title

By Joan Bachus


Captain Cyndi opened the September meeting by reminding the members present to think about volunteering for the Niner board for 2019. This is a great way to make many new friends and find out more about this group that you have joined. If you weren’t able to make the meeting, check for the board volunteer sheet in the Pro Shop or call Cyndi.
Cyndi also told us to update the sheet on the bulletin board by the Pro Shop regarding your status as a walker. The bulletin board also has a request for Niners to help potential new members acquire the five scorecards they need to have for establishing their handicaps in order to join the Niners.
You will also find a sign-up sheet in the Pro Shop for our Halloween luncheon scheduled for Oct. 30. This luncheon follows the fun Halloween Tournament being planned by Claire Ross and her committee. Start thinking about possible costumes.
Cathy Jones gave us a report on the golf rules regarding play on the putting greens. There are several ways you can incur rule violations (one stroke for each violation) for yourself on the green. You can incur a penalty if you place your equipment on the green. You cannot mark your ball after the putter has begun her backstroke because then you incur a penalty.
If you are the putter you must ask your partners to mark their balls before you begin your putt because if you hit one of their balls, you incur a penalty. Perhaps it would be best if everyone except the designated putter marked their ball when they reached the green.
Barbara Tagg reports that our Most Improved Niner for August was Cathy Jones. First runner-up was Betty Moyles, second was Rosemarie Midtvedt and third was Jane Butler. Congratulations to all four of you!
Linda Thies gave the members present an update on the coming Nov. 16 dinner dance. There are only three tables left out of the original 12 planned. Forms are still available in the Pro Shop. Tickets are $55.00 per person. Contact Linda or Ali McKeon if you have any questions. Remember you may invite friends who are not members of the Niners to join you for the evening.
The next TWI will be published on Oct. 19. Please send me information for that edition by Oct. 7 at the latest.

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