Ladies Putters Win at Campbell Tourney |

Ladies Putters Win at Campbell Tourney

Bambi Flaningan

The Lady Niners Invitational was wonderful tournament. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. We gathered at the eighteen green for the Campbell Putting contest. After Bob Campbell explained the rules and lined us up, he said One Two Three Go and we putted our ball and watched. One ball went into the cup and was declared the winner.

After a nice breakfast of egg with spinach and sausage patty, the games began.

We were a miss matched lot. We were advertisement for what not to wear together in mass. Tournament Chair Linda Campbell did an outstanding job with the special surprises we found as we played. We had a great time and did a bit of laughing as we went. Much better than crying, I say.

While we enjoyed a taco buffet, Deborah Stein, Judy Armstrong – Reilly welcomed all and introduced Carlis Gilbert in his miss matched attire announced the winners of the tournament.

Front Flight 4 teams that won:

1 place: Wulf LWW/Canale Black Oak Wgc/Butler LWW/Smith North Ridge LGC

2 place: Campbell LWW/Stolz LOPCC/Saavedra LWW

3 place: Peterson LWW/Blanchi Black Oaks Wgc/Wuschnig Lincoln Hills Lincsters/Butler Auburn Lake Trails GC

4 place: Pappas LWW/Cagle Black Oak Wgc/McKeon LWW/Shafer Lincoln Hills Lincsters

Back Flight 4 teams that won:

1 place: Jaques LWW/Willey Valley Hi CC/Roberts Timber Creek @ Sun City Roseville/Hulsey Cameron Park Country Club

2 place: Edwards LWW/Marshall LOPCC/Stein LWW/Higginbottom Black Oak Wgc

3 place: Morello LWW/Kosters Black Oaks Wgc/Perbetsky LWW/Boyer LOPCC

4 place: McGee LWW/Altom Black Oaks Wgc/Sowers LWW/Lane LOPCC

We had raffle tickets and many prizes available if you had the right numbers. Door prizes were visits to our golf clubs and again if you had the right numbers you were the lucky ones.

All was enjoyed by all. A big Thank you to Judy Armstrong – Reilly, Invitational Chair, her committee: Cathy Jones, Lonni Hoyt, Judy Pappas, Mary Sowers, Judy Blue, Cherie Mayfield, Patti Haney and all the volunteers that helped to make this day a success.

Continue with your golf and keep improving, we will see you July 16th for some fun on the course and Luncheon featuring the Baked Potato and followed with our monthly meeting. See you on the course.

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