Labor Day Weekend Lake Report |

Labor Day Weekend Lake Report

E. coli levels in most of the lake have been consistently very low all season. The reduction in the number of geese on the beaches has resulted in an improvement of the shoreline water at the park beaches compared to last year, but problems are still being observed where the remaining geese roost at night. The most problematic beach has been the smaller beach near the docks on the south-west shore of Hideaway Park. That Beach remains closed. More recently the geese have been spending more time at the Commodore Park Beach and 4 of the previous 6 shoreline samples exceeded the EPA recreation limits. Goose fecal samples were tested for the presence of E. coli O157:H7 at the end of May and again in early August. All fecal samples were positive for the O157:H7 strain. The recent shoreline samples at Commodore that exceeded the recreation limits were also positive for O157:H7. These test results have not yet been independently confirmed.

Thursday’s sample from Commodore beach was within acceptable E. col i limits. However, an inspection of the beach and grass in the area of Commodore Beach found much goose fecal material in the area. Due to the previous repeated high test results and detecting the O157 strain, Commodore Beach is being closed in the interest of safety. Please observe the Health Department Advisory that recommends not to swim or play in water in any area where goose feces are visible.

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