Keeping Secure During Power Outages |

Keeping Secure During Power Outages

The Public Safety Committee (PSC) met on Thursday, Nov. 14. LWA Board members Randy Smith and Chris Heisler were in attendance.

The committee discussed issues surrounding the power outages as it related to security. Pete Newell, Security supervisor, reported that many of the issues involving security operations during power outages have temporary solutions, and new generator power at the entrance gates is being investigated.

Newell informed committee members that all the patrol officers have undergone training and are now currently certified in CPR and the use of the AED (defibrillator). Newell also reported on a proposal being considered to train some security officers in boat operation to allow them to respond to after-hour calls and emergencies on the lake.

Randy Smith, reported on Board activity. The Board is considering roadside safety guidelines. And he explained there is a new proposed rule, under consideration by the Board, to allow some roadway vegetation exceptions after approval from the fire department.

Barbara Tiegs, chairperson of the Fire Risk Reduction Working Group, gave a report on the work the group is doing.

The LWA Board has approved the hiring of a forester consultant to prepare a Community Wildfire Prevention Plan.

A planning grant of $57,000 is being applied for to hire the forester. This is an important step in our efforts to reduce the risk of a wildfire in our community.

The plan will allow Lake Wildwood to apply for more grant money to begin fuel reduction in common areas next year and possibly private properties the following year. The committee recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the working group.

We discussed intersection safety and pedestrian safety, as requested by the Board. Both issues are important and being addressed. Many of the safety issues will be addressed by the implementation of the 10-10-15 program (clearing of vegetation 10 feet from the edge of the roadway and 15 feet up).

It was noted, however, that there are several intersections, where visibility issues could not be improved by removing vegetation only because of topography or other impediments.

Keith Franklin, a resident in the Lake Wildwood community and a retired traffic engineer, attended our meeting. He has volunteered in the past to assist LWA with traffic issues and he has again volunteered to assist on our committee.

Franklin will review safety issues at intersections, including those intersections where our committee has determined that removal or modification of vegetation alone will not address the lack of visibility.

He will prepare recommendations regarding traffic control tools that may improve the safety of residents.

A member of the Finance Committee was present and requested any suggestions regarding the budget for next year. The committee’s consensus was that LWA needs to include funds in the budget to specifically be used for fuel reduction.

The Public Safety Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m., in the Dogwood Room at the Community Center. The next meeting will be Dec. 12. All Lake Wildwood residents are invited to attend.

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