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Kathy McLendon, Jackie Sponsler—Three Aces!

Lake Wildwood Putters

By Ima Putterpal

Hello out there. I made it this time and have two reports to share with you! However, before I begin I want to congratulate all of you. You are continuing to appear on Thursday mornings in spite of the heat!
Twenty-seven Putters appeared on July 26. Prizes for aces were awarded to quite a few of them. One ace was accomplished by Patti Haney, Lois Dahl, Lonni Hoyt, Susan Dean, Joan Broomfield and Beverly Loveland. Two-ace awards were shared by Cathy Jones, Betty Foley, Rose Frazier-Hart, Peggy Guilday, Deba Texeira, Patti Lawrence, Ariene O’Connor and Arlene Thelen. Prizes for three aces went to Kathy McLendon and Jackie Sponsler.
Putting contest prizes that day went to Cathy Jones and Rose Frazier-Hart, who shared First Place when they each shot a 34. There was a three-way tie for Second Place for their scores of 35, shared by Deba Texeira, Jackie Sponsler and Arlene Thelen. Third Place, with scores of 36, went to Patti Haney and Peggy Guilday.
On Aug. 2, 28 tough competitors appeared to try their skills. Twelve players each shot one ace. Those players were Rita Texeira, V. Simpkins, Dianne Riel, Jackie Sponsler, Beverly Loveland, Julie Stansbury, Joan Bachus, Susan Dean, Betty Foley, Joan Broomfield, Babsie Bostie and Peggy Guilday. Two-ace prizes went home with Kathy McLendon, Judy Parks, Rose Frazier-Hart and Judy Mann. Three aces gave Jan Larson a prize. Now hear this: the guest for the day, Will Slautterback, received prizes for the five aces he shot!
Now, guess who won First Place in the putting contest? You are right, guest Will Slautterback when he shot a 34! Taking Second Place, with a 35, went to Jackie Sponsler. Third Place, with scores of 36, went to Joan Bachus and Rose Frazier-Hart.
Congratulations to all of our players.
I hope that everyone will check their entry on the sign-up sheet. Please use a pen and make sure the letters are clear. It is not always easy to read the names when the sheets are copied. Also, I hope more of our members become braver as the weather cools down.
The next TWI is scheduled for Sept. 7 publication.

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