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Kastner Double-Dips!

Ima Putterpal

June 13 had 28 Putters return to the course, and there are some amazing statistics to be reported. There were a record number of aces recorded. Half of the players that day scored one ace each. Those ladies were Cathy Jones, Lois Dahl, Carol Battles, Carol Nizzi, Betty Foley, Linda Brown, Ester Morales, Judy Rutzler, Cheri Mayfield, Jackie Sponsler, Janet Lalli, Shelby McNamara, Kat Tuttle and Carol Strang.

Two aces were scored by Kathy McLendon, Myra Nicol, Nancy Dorfmeir and Susan Dean.

In the Putting Competition, Jackie Sponsler and Kat Tuttle found themselves sharing First Place. Second Place went to Susan Dean. Third Place was shared by Diane Riel, Irmgard Boies, Judy Goodrich, Lois Dahl and Nancy Dorfmeir.

Congratulations to all who played so well that day.

Moving on to June 20, there were 25 Putters present. Eleven Putters scored one ace each. Patti Haney, Lois Dahl, Bobsie Bostic, Kathy Hendricks, Susan Dean, Rose Frazier-Hart, Kristy Haney, Rita Texeira, Arlene Thelen, Carol Strang and Irmgard Boies shared that honor.

The only Putter laying claim to two aces scored was Jill Kastner.

First Place in the Putting Competition was won by Patti Haney. Second Place was won by Arlene Thelen, and Rita Texeira won Third Place.

Congratulations to all of you June 20 winners.

Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July. Also hope to see you on the putting course on July 11.

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