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Kareoke—a learning experience

By Dustin Wright, Director of Food and Beverage

I want to thank all who came out to enjoy Karaoke on Saturday night! I should have known hosting this event in the Cedar Room would increase traffic, but unfortunately the novice in me did not anticipate it. We quadrupled our numbers as we sat 190 people and handfuls of people were left standing.
As orders began to flood our kitchen from the Bar and Restaurant, we did our best to keep up as tickets printed by the dozens. For a period of time we had to cut off orders from the Bar! With the high volume of orders, I stayed in the kitchen to organize and expo for Chef and the cooks; this is why my presence was not felt on the dining room floor during the rush.
I apologize for the food delays and any cold food that may have reached your table. I appreciate the patience everyone had Saturday evening. When I was able to make rounds through the Clubhouse, it was amazing to see our venue filled with smiling faces.
We learned from this experience, and moving forward during Karaoke Night, we will have a limited menu to choose from. This will set our kitchen and Clubhouse up for a greater success.
A few holidays are around the corner, including Super Bowl Sunday, St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, and we will be celebrating all three here! For the Super Bowl, we plan on having a projection screen set up in the Pine Room, as well as a bar and buffet. (The game and buffet will also be in the Bar — more details to come). St. Valentine’s Day we will host a romantic evening, with tablecloths, a piano player and a special menu that we are developing. In conjunction with our dinner service, the Cedar Room will be set with a bar, dance floor and DJ. For St. Patrick’s Day, we will be working in collaboration with the Social Committee for an all-day affair — more details to come for this as well!
Lastly, join us this Friday for an intimate Date Night Dinner Service in the Pine Room — we will have tables draped in linens and a piano performance from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.! Space is limited!

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