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Have a Blast at July 4th Boat Parade

Bob Mariani
Geneeral Manager

Boat Owners: Have a blast on the 4th of July and enter your boat in the Boat Parade.

It’s a fun time decorating your boat, having hundreds of residents wave and greet you as you round the Lake, and you may be one of the big prize winners.

If you’re a business owner or perhaps a local Realtor, consider this as an opportunity to promote your business with a sign on your boat and have a great time while you’re at it.

Sock Hop is the main theme; however, if you’d rather decorate your boat in a different manner, that’s up to you. Have at it!

Fire Prevention/Preparation: Many, many THANKS to all the good neighbors and volunteers who participated in Nevada County’s Green Waste Drop.

Over 1 million pounds of Green Waste was collected at the six county sites.

It was an overwhelming success at the LWA Campground as the site was full to the brim this past weekend. Residents were encouraged to go to the La Barr Meadows site because we could not take any more green waste.

So far 455 tons have been tallied, and 15 containers filled with brush, leaves, pine needles, weeds and tree limbs still have to be counted at the La Barr, Owl Creek and LWW collection sites.

Learn more on YubaNet.com: yubanet.com/regional/1-million-pounds-of-brush-collected-in- nevada-county-during-free-green-waste-events

Assessment Payment Reminder: Please send all Assessment payments to the bank lockbox or pay online. This system, rather than making payment to the Administration Office, has saved the Association thousands of dollars in labor and other costs.

With this savings in mind, again we ask that you make payments only online or mail them to the bank. Thank you!

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