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Jim Ciaffoni: Want Trump? Vote Bernie

Want Trump? Vote Bernie Why? Because if Bernie wins California, he will be full of himself enough to not let it go, even though Hillary, having won about half of the delegates, will easily surpass the number needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

Neither he nor his supporters will let anyone forget that many of the polls suggest he would do better than Hillary against Trump, and that she would just be a continuation of the “establishment elite.”

A win in California would only result in extended backbiting directed from the Sanders camp to the Clinton camp going into the final months of the general election in November. As the polls now show a close result between Clinton and Trump, with Clinton expected to fight the likes of such things as the earth-shaking email issue, and Trump being able to say and do the most asinine things and yet have the Republicans love him all the more for it, in-house distraction is the last thing Clinton needs.

With the notoriety, media exposure and connections that Sanders has honestly and rightfully gained, he could devote his energy after the Clinton nomination calling for his supporters to simply vote for him as a write-in candidate. Of course he would have to honestly believe and gamble that he would win in a three-way race, lest he unintentionally throws it to Trump. Given that the Democrats would practically split their vote between Clinton and Sanders, the only way he could win is if a significant portion of Republicans did a complete reversal and were suddenly willing to overlook his socialistic policies, in favor of his weak anti-establishment similarity to Trump. Really? I don’t think so. Meanwhile, Trump would easily beat Clinton and the stinker Sanders.

But then again, much to my amazement, I often hear the mantra from the left that there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, that they are both purchased, corporate mouthpieces. Maybe Sanders and supporters reason that it doesn’t matter whether Hillary or Trump wins, so they might as well go for it!

Do supporters of Sander’s proposed left-leaning policies really believe that they would have a place at the table of a Trump administration? I doubt that they would even be given the time of day.

If Hillary’s current stance on issues doesn’t appear conducive to Sander’s policies, that can easily be explained by her reluctance to draw too far left in anticipation of the general election, but Sander’s supporters should realize that they would be in an infinitely better position in a Clinton administration compared to trying to feed from the Republican trough.

Of course, Sanders supporters would counter by asking, “Why can’t we just turn it around and say we’re going to put Bernie in the front seat and let Hillary just sit it out, after all, the polls say we would do better against Trump?”

Given the margin of error of the various polls taken and inherent inaccuracies of polls involving hypothetical future conditions, I believe that at this point we should direct ourselves to the central question of relative qualifications and experience.

In all important choices of leadership in both private and public organizations, the most common criterion is experience in a similar position in an organization of similar type and size. When was the last time you were hired for a job for which you had no relevant education or experience? Bernie’s experience has been related, but circumscribed and peripheral. Trump’s has been entirely unrelated, but I guess for people that believe that money, no matter how obtained, equals brains and ability, this consideration doesn’t matter.

How can anyone honestly deny Clinton’s direct experience in both the domestic and the foreign affairs of the White House, gained both vicariously through her husband’s eight-year term, and her own stint as Secretary of State?

As we get closer to the general election and strategies rapidly begin to matter, I can’t help but to think that I have always admired the Republicans for knowing how to “fire for effect”, and not “win the battle, but lose the war”, principles that must derive from Republicans’ cultural links to business and the military. Now we are going to find out how good the Democrats and other non-Republicans are at it.

If you just have to vote for Sanders on June 7 in California, go ahead, that’s your prerogative. Just understand what it is that you might really be voting for.

Jim Ciaffoni is a semi-retired public utilities manager. He lives in Nevada City.

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