It’s the Bingo-Bango-Bongo |

It’s the Bingo-Bango-Bongo

Jim Moss

This year’s Bingo-Bango-Bongo Tourney was played by the Niners on April 30 in dry conditions. You would think our illustrious tournament chairmen, Mike Baca and Mike Stratman, found this unusual competition some place in the African Congo. Anyway, it was played by many Niners who didn’t golf for a long time, due to bad weather, so everyone was anxious to compete.

The rules were simple — one point for getting on the green first, one point for closest to the pin when every player was on the green and one point for first to sink the putt. All play” was the player furthest out played next. Here are the list of winners:

Here are the results for today’s Bingo-Bango-Bongo Tournament. Read ‘em and weep!

1. Walley Riel, 14 points, threesome, 10.5 points (net score)

2. Mark Malik, 10 points, foursome, 10 points

3. Dave Nelson, 9 points, foursome, 9 points

3. Mark Stanley, 9 points, foursome, 9 points

5. Bill Mann, 11 points, threesome, 8.25 points

5. Pablo Velasco, 11 points, threesome, 8.25 points

7. Chuck Strang, 8 points, foursome, 8 points

8. PK Frawley, 10 points, threesome, 7.5 points

8. Cork Tremaine, 10 points, threesome, 7.5 points

8. Wendell Meyer, 10 points, threesome, 7.5 points

8. Terry Thies, 10 points, threesome, 7.5 points

8. Dave Galitello, 10 points, threesome, 7.5 points

13. Robert Rich, 7 points, foursome, 7.0 points

14. Chuck Cavalli, 9 points, threesome, 6.75 points

15. Jim Moss, 6 points, foursome, 6 points

15. Andy Sponsler, 6 points, foursome, 6 points

15. Bernie Scalisi, 6 points, foursome, 6 points

15. Bill Weston, 6 points, foursome, 6 points

19. Rick Kahill, 7 points, threesome, 5.25 points

19. Bud Angel, 7 points, threesome, 5.25 points

19. Dan Kyte, 7 points, threesome, 5.25 points

19. Tom Knoflick, 7 points, threesome, 5.25 points

23. Barna Szabo, 5 points, foursome, 5 points

23. Bob Martin, 5 points, foursome, 5 points

25. Darrel Goodwin, 6 points, threesome, 4.5 points

25. Ed Lauchner, 6 points, threesome, 4.5 points

26. Mike Stratman, 4 points, foursome, 4 points

Scores adjust by group size for parity. Threesomes compete for 3/4 point per scoring opportunity. Foursomes compete for one point per scoring opportunity.

Congratulations to all listed. The list was almost the total number of participants who played. We all like that because no one’s feelings are hurt; everyone wins.

Sorry to report the passing of Charlie Bertness, a former Niner captain, who left us just last month. Our condolences are sent to his wife and family.

We’ll miss him, too.

As part of the regular series of getting to know the people who contribute to our Club and the community, a name which comes up often is our own Bob Martin — not to be confused with the other Bob Martin who works behind the counter in the Pro Shop and has black hair. Our Martin has grey hair with a grey beard.

Bob was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but in his early years lived in Kentucky, Florida and New Hampshire, making him a parttime Southerner. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in romance languages. Then the US Army got him.

While in Japan Bob met his future wife, Pinky, who was stationed there as an Air Force nurse. A daughter was added in Japan and then back to the USA, where Bob continued his education at the University of Arizona. He attained another degree in electrical engineering and joined IBM in San Jose. After 31 years with IBM, Bob retired and eventually found his way to Lake Wildwood in 2001.

Bob Martin immediately got involved with the Men Niners as a member, producing a photo roster and as a board member. He did other chairmanship jobs like Golf Committee representative, Handicap chairman, then Membership, where he is now. In fact when anyone joins the Niners, it’s Bob who goes out to take the person’s photo for the roster. He simply cannot stop volunteering. That seems to be in his DNA.

He additionally volunteered to manage a group of players who pick up golf balls on the driving range so maintenance can cut the grass.

All his attention is not on golf alone; he and Pinky were head bartenders at Music in the Mountain concerts for a number of years. He also organized pickers who are responsible for a trash-free highway for two miles on US 20, which eventually grew to 12.5 miles, with 56 volunteers and a name of Lake Wildwood Citizens Who Care. Pinky currently is in a nursing home so not all of Bob’s attention is on volunteer work, but it’s clear his record shows that he is able and willing to do any job for the betterment of our community. Thanks, Martins, for being here.

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