It’s all right to ask, ‘Why?’ |

It’s all right to ask, ‘Why?’

We are so fortunate and blessed in America. With recent events, most currently the senseless tragedy in Newtown, a lot of people are plagued by thoughts of “Why?”

We often search for answers, whether they are about something personal or what happens around us. Unfortunately we live in an imperfect world; light is as different from darkness as good is from evil. Life was not originally intended to be this way. We have been gifted by our creator with free will and the ability to make our own choices. With the gift comes responsibility. Free will doesn’t just impact us alone but also those around us. The collateral damage can be devastating; this is a sobering thought.

Each day brings a new beginning, and a whole new set of choices can be made, so when you experience evil, counter it, overcoming evil with good. Seek and allow God to give you peace. We are not promised tomorrow, but we can experience today that which is beyond normal human comprehension. Ask for it; it can be difficult but it will come eventually.

I don’t have the answers for why that young man did what he did, nor could I have made the decisions for him, but I can set my own course and so can you. If you feel lost, ask for direction. We can all experience and give love. It is the greatest of all. God does not force our hands (we were not created robots) and we can build or destroy; always be mindful of that. I’m actually thankful when I encounter a hardship as I realize opportunity to gain empathy for others. I have experienced his peace firsthand and learned that miracles can happen in many ways; instantaneously, slowly over time, through natural means and through humanity — these are all used of him and tragedy is often the catalyst. I have at times had questions about why we deal with inhumanity. Why do we have to experience evil?

We often search for answers, whether they are about something personal or what happens around us.

I wish I knew an answer to that, but I’ve been given peace that God has and will always remain in control of my life (if I allow him to be; he’s a gentleman and never forces himself on us). Don’t let this horrendous event drive you from God but rather to him. He is not at fault here, and the situation should cause us to realize what a powerful thing free will is.

We were not promised tomorrow, but you can know Who holds it. We should be motivated to be better people and realize the preciousness of life and that it is not to be taken for granted. Keep your eyes open and be mindful to share love. You may never know what difference it could make in life choices of another. Please know, God isn’t to blame here. He may not always prevent tragedies from occurring in our life and world. We need to accept this fact; but he can certainly use them to make us better, to deepen our compassion, and our ability to help others. We can all make it through this life to an eternity with him if we yield ourselves to him. This living is more fulfilling when we learn to stop and help others who’ve stumbled in the journey.

This is not a race with a single winner; it is a marathon that we all must complete, even if we cross the finish line at different times.

Anthony D. Rabak lives in Alta Sierra.

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