It’s about profits, not patients |

It’s about profits, not patients

It seems the ASA’s (Americans for Safe Access) compassion does not extend to cancer patients who do not buy their propaganda.

The poor cancer patient who wants to spend his last days enjoying the beauty of his property from his porch is marginalized and dismissed by the ASA in its recent editorial. I would like to remind the residents in the cities that Ordinance 2349 does not even apply in cities. Please consider your neighbors in the unincorporated areas before you fall for the tired old propaganda and sign their petitions.

The ASA claims it wants to discuss facts when the reality is very different. They claim their proposal is reasonable and protects residential areas when nothing is further from the truth. Anyone who reads it will notice it is what is not there that matters. No definitions, no penalties, no abatement, no hearings and no appeals. It is willfully vague and designed to fail any legal test. It is only a suggestion, not an ordinance. It has nothing that would stop a 99-plant grow in residential areas in the real world. That is no surprise, since they want to go back to the bad old days of profiteering carpetbagger nonresidents setting up shop on vacant lots in residential areas, doing whatever they want. But it’s about the patients.

Instead of facts, they wail about all the people who go to jail for weed. Really? How many people have gone to jail in Nevada County for just weed? The ones who go to jail are the people who deal meth, pills and possess guns and stolen property while on parole and happen to deal weed, too. Just read the articles.

The ASA treats anyone who sticks a pot plant in dirt as some kind of altruistic caregiver and shields them. Then they pay lip service to the environmental rapists’ damage but do nothing about it.

If the ASA truly cared about patients over profits, they would set up a system and give the truly needy free weed or tend their patches for them if they cannot. I encourage you all to go back in the archives to see the NCARCC positions and ignore the propaganda.

The ASA does not recognize the fallout from its blather. Years of “it’s medicine and natural and harmless” has given us a generation of children who have bought the party line. The result of that is a generation that has suffered the stoner syndrome of stunted brain development, as shown in long-term studies. The “any grower is a good grower” attitude has made Nevada County a destination for scum from all over the world. Take the two serial pedophiles on Pennsylvania’s 10 most wanted list hiding out here as growers or the two Middle Eastern illegals that had massive grows. What do you suppose their profits bought, IEDs?

If they want to talk facts, then why do the ASA minions, like their pollster Brad Peceimer-Glasse and his ASA cohorts, interrupt meetings and shout down people who do not subscribe to their world view? Why are known ASA folks like Martin Webb posting comments slamming Alta Sierra when he does not live there?

You should look back to writings of the ASA and fact-check them yourself. For years they have accused the sheriff of photoshopping the pictures of the massive grows with plants twice the size of a man. Yet in the ASA’s Aug. 27 editorial, low and behold, they admit that, yes, there are giant weed plants like that.

Homeowners and associations all need to have the tools in the existing ordinance to protect their neighborhoods, schools, children and property values. I know of many grows that are not in exact compliance, but they are good neighbors who consider others when setting up their patches and live in harmony with their neighborhood. The balancing of rights was always the goal and has been achieved.

I continue to hear the mantra of legalize and tax, but let’s look at how that worked for Colorado. People are stuck with the tax-free medicinal marijuana, since recommendations are just a small payment away for anyone. That state spent millions to set up a tax-collecting system. But since “patients” don’t pay the tax and everyone is a “patient,” the state has lost money. What did they think would happen?

The ASA trying to force an out-of-cycle ballot proposition is nothing but extortion; give us what we want or pay big. Don’t fall for the big lie.

Don Bessee lives in Alta Sierra.

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