Issues to Know about Generators Use |

Issues to Know about Generators Use

Nevada County Coalition of FireWise Communities

Generator Safety Reminders

• Buy inverter generators which provide clean power to attach TV, Computers and “smart” appliances. Regular generators can fry the electronics (current is not consistent. Creates harmonic distortion). Older portables probably don’t have inverters. Whole house generators have inverters.

• Buy surge protectors for electronics and Smart appliances.

• B4 You Buy a generator: Make sure that there is someone in town that will repair it/maintain it.

• Check oil every time you start up – this runs out quickly and will damage the motor if it runs dry.

• Don’t fuel when hot (can cause fires).

• Point exhaust away from house/openings to prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Generator should be 20 feet from house.

• Use heavy duty (12G) extension cords to carry current correctly.

• Get professional electrical help hardwiring your generator. Backfeeding into house can cause fires. Backfeeding from house to power lines can electrocute line workers who are repairing lines or getting your power back up and running.

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