Interested in Serving on LWA Board? |

Interested in Serving on LWA Board?

An invitation to all Lake Wildwood Members

I have served on many non-profit boards throughout Nevada County and found my time on the Lake Wildwood Board to be the most enjoyable and fulfilling.
Contrary to popular myth, serving on the Board does not take extensive time nor will you lose any friends, at least not the true ones! With three other like-minded Board members, much can be accomplished to benefit the Association and all of its Members. The key is to have well qualified candidates with a common set of values.
What we experienced in the recent past was an aberration during my 30 years in the Association which we don’t want to repeat in the future. To assure this doesn’t occur, a seminar for future Board members is being offered. There will be four sessions, starting on the morning of April 12.
The target audience are those Members who are “inclined” to join the Board anytime in the next three years, when we will have a total of seven openings.
Please contact me if you are interested in attending and want more detailed information. — Tom Cross, Past Board Chair

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