In danger of losing our rights |

In danger of losing our rights

If a drunk gets in his car and runs over a 6-year-old in a crosswalk, is the car at fault? If a terrorist goes on board an airplane with a box cutter and kills the pilot and the crew, is the box cutter at fault? If the terrorist uses that airplane as a missile and slams it into a building, is the airplane at fault?

In the wake of Sandy Hook, there has been an overwhelming cry from the Left for not only gun control but gun confiscation. And in the wake of that is an overwhelming rush to buy guns. This gun rush overwhelms anything that has come previously. Our local gun shops can’t keep guns in stock. Cabella’s can’t keep guns in stock. Cheaper Than Dirt can’t keep guns in stock.

Our politicians have again managed to politicize a terrible tragedy.

Here is what I would like to know: Why is it that people who hate guns, don’t know how to use them and don’t own them should be allowed to decide on gun rules for the rest of us who do like guns, do know how to use them and do own them?

The Left will point to the Constitution and say that the Second Amendment was only meant to address hunting and home protection. This is absolutely not true. You have to remember that when the Constitution was created, our country had just finished winning a revolutionary war against a tyrannical King George. The Second Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights because our founding fathers recognized that the people had a right to defend themselves from tyranny. I believe that they foresaw a time in the future when tyranny might again rear its ugly head, and a disarmed populace cannot defend itself.

In Nazi Germany, what is the first thing Hitler did? He forced everyone to register their arms, then he confiscated them. Believe it or not, this also happened in Canada. Same argument.

Recently Michael Moore said (and I’m paraphrasing) look at who owns most of the guns in this country; it’s mostly people in the rural and suburban areas where there is no crime. Well duh! If the bad guys know you have a gun, are they going to go after you or into the cities where they don’t allow guns? I suggest looking at Illinois and New York if you are looking for statistics.

Since Feinstein’s threat of the gun ban, there have been more than 56,000 registration requests for AR-15s alone in California. Does anyone out there think that people are just going to allow these guns to be confiscated? Are we going to be looking at another civil war in the near future? Other countries that have never experienced true freedom would never fight back on this issue, but this is America, and I don’t think people will peacefully hand over their guns.

I’m very aware that Feinstein doesn’t care what her constituents think. She’s the parent and knows what’s best for us. We are the children. Besides, this makes her look good in the media and with progressive liberals.

The government doesn’t want gun laws to protect you and me. They want these laws to control the population. This is about power, not protection.

I’m safer with my gun than I am without it.

Randi Briggs lives in Smartsville.

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