Illegal immigrants need to do the right thing |

Illegal immigrants need to do the right thing

It appears the federal government operatives knew back in January of this year that a flood of illegal immigrant children would be crossing over the border later. Now it is later and here we go.

Exploiting a loophole in some 2002 law that says illegal immigrant children from non-contiguous countries must be held rather than sent back with 48 hours (plus Obama’s Executive Order on kids of illegal residents).

So now that the left has overused the “children” of real Americans to sell every program known to man, they now have a whole new batch of children of the world! We American’s are now being “guilted” into a forced compassion to take care of these kids. Well, I think I am compassionate. I agree we should feed them, provide security and then buy them a one way ticket back to their home country. Escorted, of course.

I am amazed at the creativity the left in America has for shenanigans to get their way. Importing these little kids is their latest; and I must say, who on earth would have ever thought of this except some creative, devious, devilish liberals? The 2002 law was passed to stop children from being exploited by sexual perverts! Obama morphed that into a “come one, come all” invitation. Now the feds are trying to disburse these kids to people claiming to be their relatives and they are all over America. Get them disbursed so it becomes impossible to find them. What a scam.

If you are here illegally, go home and apply for entry through the legal process.

America is in need of some courage to say no to those who believe we can survive “open borders.” In my opinion, if we want these kids to be loved and taken care of, we need to reunite them with their blood relatives in their home countries. That is true “family values.” So, we need to gather these munchkins, put them on a plane and send them back. I bet they want to be with their mom and dad. These are little people without opinions who just want their parents love and attention. Let’s be truly compassionate and reunite them!

We read that someone in the government knew this would take place. They even rented buses in advance to transport these kids all around the country. We need to find out who these people are and toss them into jail and throw away the keys. They are “fifth columnist” who have the destruction of our country as their goal.

Back in the 1920s and ’30s, Joseph Stalin decided on a way to secure the future of the USSR by subterfuge. Rather than simply murdering everyone in a country he invaded, he decided to ship Russians there to live. He did this for many years and all those who lived there and resisted he shipped to Siberia! Look at the Ukraine/Crimea today! They have a majority of Russians. Same with some Baltic countries and others. Is this happening here?

It really seems to me that this could be a plausible way to redistribute America’s wealth to others. Why would we want millions of people who don’t assimilate into our American culture? Why would we want multiple languages? Uneducated people without ties to the basic premise of America? Why would we allow the liberals and their sycophant press pals to make us feel guilty? I don’t. I love all people but we have to live by the rules of the country. My goodness, it is anarchy if we don’t. Most Latinos who are here legally agree with me. But the politicians are afraid of how the left-wing press will portray them, so they don’t really speak their minds.

So, we have to show solidarity with the people of Murietta in Southern California and any others who are standing up to this mass lawbreaking by Obama and his minions. It will come to things people don’t want. We don’t need millions of people bringing in diseases we had eradicated (that was the main duty of Ellis Island). We don’t need more on the “freebie rolls” of government handouts. We need to stop this insanity or end up like the Crimea and the Baltics.

America will become a distant thought if we do not ask of those wanting to come here to do it right. If you are here illegally, go home and apply for entry through the legal process. Obama, secure the border and keep us safe. America the beautiful!

Todd Juvinall lives in Nevada City.

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