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‘I Don’t Play Slow’

Jeff Davis

All of us believe we play golf at a good pace. When we get in a group that doesn’t keep up with the group in front and the group behind waits for us to finish every hole, we look at the other players and believe it’s one or more of them causing it.

Why does it seem that the slowest player in the group is the one who says, “Hey guys, we’re a half a hole behind. We better catch up.”

I know this doesn’t apply to any of you, but I thought I’d pass along a few tips from NCGA on pace of play that you can pass on to the slow player(s) in your group.

Pace of Play Tips for the Everyday Golfer:

• Play ready golf: Just because it’s called “honor” doesn’t mean it’s dishonorable to play out of turn. It’s far more dishonorable to keep the group behind you waiting all day long.

• Be ready for your turn: Don’t sit and wait while your cart-partner plays; go get ready for your own shot and be ready to hit when it’s your turn.

• Shorten the pre-shot routine: Although pride and some money may be on the line between friends, you do not need to have a lengthy pre-shot routine. Playing within 30 seconds from when it is your turn really shouldn’t be difficult.

• Don’t over-read your putts: Yes, professionals look at putts from every angle. They also are playing for millions of dollars. If you want to get multiple angles, do so before your turn so that when it is your turn all you need is one last look before pulling the trigger. Chances are your first instinct is correct. Trust it. And never ever plumb-bob (I swear I’m going to stop). The pros don’t even know how to use it effectively and it sure can’t help you.

• Take multiple clubs with you to the ball: Bring a range of clubs with you; that way you always have the right one.

• Stop searching so much: Just because you are entitled to three minutes of search time doesn’t mean you should use it. First, hit a provisional then go and look.

• Enter your score after you drive to the next tee box, not at the green you just finished.

• Place your equipment properly: There is nothing more annoying than watching a player walk back and forth to the far side of the green to retrieve his clubs after completing a hole. Know where you’re going to walk and place your clubs there.

• Leave the flagstick in the hole. Taking it out and putting it in wastes time.

These are some of the ways those slow players you know can help speed up play. Feel free to pass this on to them.

One other I’d like to mention is between the #5 green and the #6 white and green tee box. Many of you playing the oak, white, pine and green tees are parking at the area of trees on the right below the #5 green. This prevents the players behind you from hitting up to the #5 green (especially the long hitters). They have to wait for you to get in your carts and drive to the sixth tee box. Please pull your carts up to the hole #6 blue tee box and park there while you finish on the #5 green.

Talking with players I became aware that some believe that one of the new rules implemented in January is that if a player hits a ball out of bounds, he (or she) can go to where the ball went out, bring it in to the fairway and shoot from there with a two-stroke penalty. Be aware that this rule is only applicable if a local rule has been adopted. Lake Wildwood does not have such a local rule.

I believe the Lady Niners have adopted their own internal local rule on this but neither the men or women 18-hole clubs have. Not sure about the men nine-holers.

The results of the September Ryder Cup tournament are available on the Men’s Club website. Next month (October) we’ll have our first Bartlett Cup Major tournament. It will be a Point Par (Stableford) format with double Bartlett points. It’ll be flighted and full course handicaps will be given. It’s individual stroke play so you will paired with players of like handicap. No teams.

Don’t ask to be paired with someone in particular. Golf Genius will do the pairing by handicaps.

On Oct. 3 the Ladies 18-Hole Golf Club is putting on its annual “Swing for the Cure” fundraising tournament, and once again they have invited all the members of the Men’s Club and all the golfers in Lake Wildwood to sign up and play.

This event has for years raised funds for the cancer programs at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. Entry forms are available now at the Pro Shop.

If you are contemplating joining the Men’s 18-Hole Golf Club for the first time, be aware that you do not have to wait until the end of the year. NCGA has announced that new members can sign up Oct. 1 and get October, November and December included in their year’s membership.

Looks like the weather is starting to cool down, so get out there and enjoy our beautiful course. Please remember to fill your fairway divots and fix your ball marks on the green.

Don’t leave them for the Divot Stompers. We do our best but really can’t keep up with all of them. Thanks.

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