How Do I Know When There is a Red Flag Warning? |

How Do I Know When There is a Red Flag Warning?

Learning about Red Flag Warnings keeps us alert when fire danger is high and warns when PG&E is likely to shut off our electricity.

Some people have been asking “How will I know? Well, you can:

— Watch for a red flag posted at the Lake Wildwood gates.

— Watch weather news on TV.

— Go to and look at fire news.

— Follow YubaNet at @yubanetfire on Twitter.

— Follow Cal Fire on Twitter.

The last two above may produce too many irrelevant tweets.

— The best thing I have found so far is this link to a National Weather Service page called “California Fire Weather.” You can Google “California Fire Weather” or visit:

It shows current Red Flag Warnings, but suppose you wanted to know if any Red Flag Warnings are expected in the next few days? Then try this page: It shows 1, 2, 3–8 day “fire weather” forecasts.

If you click on a map, you can add cities, counties, etc. It might show you a forecast of dangerous weather that might turn into a Red Flag Warning.

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