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Honoring “Pickleball Mom,” Gerry Cosby

By Terri Nordby


Pickleball players know how to have fun and a good time was had by all who attended the Holiday party and end-of-year meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 19, in the Cedar Room at the Clubhouse. The meeting introduced the new slate of 2018 officers: President, Jeff Seid (until the vice president is able to take over); Vice-president, Gene Cook; Social chair, Nan Spier; Publicity chair, Terri Nordby; Secretary, Pam Stamatis; and Treasurer, Mike Gaynor.
We honored our favorite “Pickleball Mom,” Gerry Cosby, who, along with her husband, Stan, introduced the sport to our community in 2009. According to Gerry, “I learned to play PB when a friend introduced me to it in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek. I was an avid tennis player for 25 years until I hurt my wrist and couldn’t play anymore.
I was so excited to learn PB because it was just like tennis on a small scale, and it was active . . . and quick, and it didn’t hurt my wrist!” Gerry’s enthusiasm persuaded the powers to be to allow a trial of pickleball by taping the basketball courts at Meadow Park in September 2009. Just a few months later Gerry was able to make pickleball a sanctioned Lake Wildwood club. The interest was explosive and it was hard to keep up with all the new members. She taught new players how to play the game and she was the first president of the PB Club and Publicity chairman for over eight years.
Fast forward nearly nine years later, four different presidents and today our Club is over 200 members and growing! Thank you, Gerry and Stan, for bringing this fun sport to our community!
It is your turn now to pass the paddle to newer members, but we will still see you on the PB courts!

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