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Hits & Misses: Keep drunk drivers off the road; and keep those germs to yourself

The Union staff

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to editboard@theunion.com.

MISS (from reader Royce Larson): To all legislators who have failed to require a lifetime ban on drunk drivers ever driving on our roads again.

MISS (from reader Michael Good): To Sean Jordan, where in his “Editor’s Note” (Prospector, Jan. 20) he describes his belief in laughter being the best therapy and so he “pushed through to the first show” of the Nugget Film Festival at the Holbrooke “with a nasty flu bug starting to grasp my insides.” Spreading germs to other people is a thoughtless act.

HIT (from Editorial Board members Jo Ann Rebane and Shanti Emerson): To the local production of Marat Sade. Many local talents took on an ambitious project, in which there are 22 actors on stage at one time, with a difficult script and carried it off with enthusiasm and heart.

HIT (from Rebane): To all the merchants who host donation boxes for community charities and a HIT to their many customers who stuff the donation boxes with spare change.

HIT (from Rebane): To the parents who brought their children to the Music in the Mountains program Friday, Jan. 26. Pianist Andrew von Oeyen, the Sacramento Philharmonic, and guest conductor Mei-Ann Chen delivered Rachmaninoff’s Third Concerto with exuberance and brilliant musicality. Those lucky youngsters have heard the best music available anywhere.

HIT (from Rebane): To our community’s teenagers on the Acme Robotics team, which won another qualifying round at Saturday’s regional competition in Roseville. They have cemented their place next month at the Northern California Regional Championships, where they will compete against 56 teams. The Acme Robot completed autonomous and operator controlled tasks almost flawlessly.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Susan Rogers): To the letter to the editor by homeless car camper Trena Bristol, for “telling it like it is” and providing a perspective on the homeless problem that is rarely heard.

MISS (from Susan Rogers): To the next 10-day forecast of mild weather with no rain. Feels like a portent of drought again.

HIT (from Susan Rogers): To voters having a choice now that Glenn Jennings is running against the incumbent for the position of district attorney. Choice is always good.

MISS (from Susan Rogers): To a sudden rash of deaths on local highways. What’s going on? Be careful out there.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Monica Senter): To Pauli Halstead announcing a run for Nevada City Council; shifting focus to homelessness and housing issues is sorely needed.

HIT (from Senter): To the super blue blood moon being so visible in the early morning of Jan. 31, for first time in 150 years.

MISS (from Senter): To the Nevada City Council allowing internal strife and political infighting to get in the way of responsible leadership in the implementation and approval of cannabis permits.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Rick Nolle): To Spiral Internet’s status update on high-speed internet. Same old tune, same old lyrics!

HIT (from City Editor Ross Maak): To the folks who train at Tahoe and across the country for the upcoming Olympics. Watching the world come together as one for these games is nothing short of a miracle. Best of luck to our athletes and all the competitors from around the globe.

MISS (from Maak): To the whole Oroville Dam spillway debacle. It’s unfortunate that it happened in the first place, that so many people were affected by it, and now people are forced to sue to be compensated for their losses. The only winners when the dust settles will be the lawyers.

HIT (from Maak): To Friday’s planned tow-truck procession. Sometimes tragedy begets solidarity. Seeing employees of different companies band together to show their support for the friends and family of the Kilroy’s driver who was killed in a crash on Highway 20 is heartwarming. Our hearts go out to all who were affected by this horrific event.

HIT (from Editor Brian Hamilton): To public forums providing discussion on local issues of interest. Whether or not you agree with the opinion shared, voicing your own thoughts furthers the conversation.

MISS (from Hamilton): To suggesting that opinions you don’t agree with should not be published. That misses the whole point of providing such a community forum in the first place.

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