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Historic Covered Bridge Restoration is Well Underway

John Field and Kathy Field
SYRPA Publicity

Mobilization by Spectra Historic Contractors of Pomona, California, began the Bridgeport Covered Bridge restoration project on June 12, 2019. Since creating a secure construction yard compound utilizing the Bridgeport South parking lot, extensive disassembly of the bridge so far consists of complete removal of the entire roof.

As of June 28, all of the roof shakes and roofing structures have been removed, rendering it open and “flat topped.” The wheel planks (or wearing surface planks) from the floor of the bridge have also been removed. All of the roof shakes will eventually be replaced with new shakes when the bridge is re-assembled.

Note that the roof shakes do not have historic significance because there has been a need to replace them periodically over the years for various reasons, mainly weather destruction. An effort to re-use as much structuring as possible is planned.

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