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Heisler Fills Price’s seat—Towne Pulls the Plug

Wildwood Board—Director-turnover, again


The Lake Wildwood Board requested volunteers to be candidates for the appointment to Director Valentine’s open seat and the Board received four candidates for this three-year term. With the reaffirmation of Director Price’s seat being vacated on July 11, the Board decided to select the replacement from the list of four volunteers. A Board meeting was held on July 16 and Chris Heisler was selected by written ballot to take the open two-year term. With the unanticipated resignation of Director Towne on July 14, the Board now has a vacant one-year term and the loss of an experienced Director. The Board added a discussion item to the Agenda for the July 16 meeting regarding the selection process.

The new Board will be faced with significant leadership challenges next year. To be successful the new Board will require a strong bench of talent focused on Association business. The list of Board candidates has varying HOA experience – none at the Board level. Selecting the candidate from the remaining list of three would leave an inexperienced Board member with only a one-year term and expectations to contribute 100% day one. The Board believes it would be unfair to the candidate, the Board, and the membership. The Board agreed on a process that is supportable and appropriate to fill this one-year term position.

The Board is seeking volunteers to fill this one-year term. We are requesting that they be a past LWA Board Member or a Member with significant experience with HOA Boards or other Boards with application to our situation. The Board will consider applications up until close of business (5 p.m.) on July 26. The decision for the selection of the Board member will be made from the list of volunteers on July 27 at the scheduled Special Board meeting at 11:00 a.m. in the Community Center Lake Room. This is an opportunity for an experienced member to significantly help our community with a limited one-year commitment.

Applications can be found on the website at https://www.lwwa.org/_filelib/FileCabinet/BOD_Documents/BOARD_APPLICATION_FOR_APPOINTMENT_JULY_2018.pdf

Please fill out and return to info@lwwa.org

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