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Have you seen this pot?

Have You Seen This Pot?
Have you seen this pot? Two of these large, matching ceramic pots were taken from the Garden Club’s Garden at the Community Center sometime duringthe night on January 16.
The dirt was dumped onto the ground, plants were removed, and the twopots were taken. Fearing the remaining five pots would also be taken, the Garden Clubimmediately removed them.
These seven ceramic potswere donated to the Garden Club, each valued at $80, and were placed in the Demonstration Garden to give additional color and provide a variety of textures to the landscape.
The Garden was created for the enjoyment of our entire Lake Wildwood Community and it was carefully planned and developed as a resource for the types of drought-tolerant, deer-resistant, and colorful plants which thrive in our area. It is with great sadnessthat our lovely garden has been diminished by a thief.
The Garden Club will continue its mission to beautify Lake Wildwood but we now realize that the beauty we hope to provide is alsovulnerable to thieves and vandals.
If you see these pots please call Security.

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