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Has The Union taken a turn to the left?

Ever since Jeff Ackerman’s departure from The Union, I’ve noticed our hometown newspaper becoming more and more left leaning.

A good case in point is Cheryl Cook, a real serious lefty, who is now on The Union Editorial Board. Ms. Cook continues to amaze me with her twisted logic, rhetoric and her demeaning of others who do not share her point of view. Her latest hit piece, the Other Voices column in the Oct. 19 edition of The Union, is a good example. Rather than using logic and facts, Ms. Cook resorts to innuendo and name calling. The Koch Brothers are always first up in her conspiracy theories of billions spent by right-wing billionaires to swing votes and government policies their way.

She has no evidence for any of these claims. She quotes The New York Times (a bastion of the left) and Bill Moyers. These are supposed to be credible sources? I think not!

Both major political parties are guilty of using money, many times in less than above-board ways, to buy political influence. Ms. Cook refers to new members of the House of Representatives as, I paraphrase: novices subject to strong-arming and mischievous imps on the edge of a teetering branch. Actually, these new House members are very serious about representing their constituents, are fighting to maintain their core values and are trying to preserve an America that used to be the most admired country in the world. Old-guard Republicans, such as Speaker Boehner, only want to preserve their positions of power and be re-elected.

Ms. Cook also refers to Ted Cruz, who at least tried to stick to his ideals under enormous pressure from both sides of the aisle, as the “talking mouth of the minute.”

I can only assume Ms. Cook takes great pleasure in putting other people down. Perhaps to raise herself up, somehow? I think it only makes her look very small, indeed.

Millions of people think differently than you, Ms. Cook. The conservatives of this country have core values and a very different view than yours for a successful U.S.A. They cannot be bought.

Gary Hammer lives in Penn Valley.

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