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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020!

Pete Newell
Stonegate Security Site Supervisor

Your Security Department is hiring!

You could work here in the community in a job that matters. Contact me at the security office or call 432-1209 for more information.

Your Security staff would like to thank all the kind residents who delivered holiday treats to the gates during the holidays. It means a lot to know that residents care. Thanks!

Please protect your security identification number to protect your liability. These numbers are issued to residents and they are meant to be kept completely confidential. Giving the number to a non-family member or even to some family teenagers may open you up to fines for what a visitor does. If someone gains entry to the community using your number and it is found that you gave it out or were otherwise careless with the confidentiality of the number, you will be held responsible for those people’s actions. If you have unusual situations or feel your number may already be compromised, contact Security for possible solutions.

Thoughts on Safety While Out for A Walk

Many of us want to enjoy a walk around our neighborhood but this activity is not without its perils. The lack of sidewalks and small road shoulders cause many pedestrians to walk in the roadway. Safety can be enhanced if both pedestrians and motorists pay attention and allow for each other’s needs.

Motorists should be alert for pedestrians, and be prepared to slow down and give them room. Just because you may have the right of way doesn’t mean you should insist on it. These are your neighbors trying to enjoy the things about our community that you probably enjoy too.

Pedestrians should walk facing oncoming traffic and be prepared to step off the roadway if needed. We should wear light colored clothing and carry a flashlight at night. We should also keep dogs on a short enough leash that we can truly control the animal. We have to remember that under the law, pedestrians only have the right of way at crosswalks and unmarked crosswalks at intersections, 21950 CVC.

A resident was driving home the other night and got a funny feeling that the car behind her was following her. She did the smart thing and did not drive home so that the follower would not know where she lived. Her next step should have been to drive to one of the gates and seek assistance.

The follower eventually turned off and she went home and called Security. Our on duty patrol officer felt that he recognized the car from her description, as it was an older Camaro that we have had contacts with.

The officer contacted the Camaro owner and confirmed that this was the vehicle that had been driving behind our caller. He claimed that he was not following the other car and that he was just driving extra slowly so as to avoid additional driving issues in the community.

The addresses of both parties suggested that they were both simply driving home and there was no evidence to suggest the Camaro driver had ill intentions.

Good work patrol!

During the past week there was at least one incident of thefts of property from cars outside the community at Wildwood Ridge. Security has not received any similar reports here, although we did have a report of gasoline being siphoned from a parked car on Lake Forest on Dec 24. This should be a reminder to not leave valuables in your car overnight and to report any suspicious activity to security immediately.

Some statistics for the month of December:

27 Notices of violation issued for speeding

9 Investigations of HOA rule violations

6 Complaints of barking dogs of which 1 resulted in violation notices

12 Complaints of loose dogs of which 0 resulted in violation notices

7 Reports of suspicious circumstances

16 Parking violations

17 Assists with medical calls

14 Public assists

3 Assistances to the Sheriff’s Office

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