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Happy Birthday to Me

Tomorrow is my birthday, and as you read this, I am on my way to Napa for a romantic getaway with my amazing husband. 45 has been tough; one of the hardest years of my life, and I am thrilled to leave it in the rearview mirror and embark on the second half of my 40s. I know that many women are afraid or ashamed to share their age, but I am proud of every year that I have been on this Earth, as I have only grown wiser and stronger through the good experiences and the bad. And as for the grey hairs and laugh lines…that’s what the salons are for.

This year started and ended with personal heartache, along with a vicious dog attack that I endured to save my six-year-old son from being mauled (or worse), followed by my company selling, then selling again. I spent two weeks suffering through Covid, lost my goddaughter to an overdose, and much more. However, this is also the year that I started a new band (Soulshine, check us out next time we play in the area) and got to perform throughout the community, went on some truly amazing adventures, started hosting the Let’s Chat show on Nevada County Media, learned who my true friends are (and are not), and have been presented with an opportunity to level up in my career in a big way. More on that next time.

Life is about balance, which coincidentally was my “word of the year” that I would NOT have chosen if I had known exactly how it was going to manifest in my life. Balance seemed like such an innocent word; like I could just kind of tiptoe through the year juggling all of the blessings and challenges that I already knew about with grace. But fate had other plans, and instead gave me the EXTREME BALANCE CHALLENGE (said in the old WWF announcer’s voice who anyone my age or older will hear in their heads). However, I understand that this is all part of my soul’s development, and when we are challenged hardest we are given the biggest rewards if we get it right. I’m counting on 46 being amazing. I have already chosen my word for 2023 (well, two words): Prosperity and Ease. May it be so.

As I blow out the candles on my daughter’s homemade carrot cake made from my best friend’s family recipe this year, I will be thankful for the lessons I have learned, and make a wish that they will mean something in the grand scheme of my life.

Then I will get to work making sure that is so.



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