Goose Depredation Successfully Completed |

Goose Depredation Successfully Completed

Board of Directors

The volunteer team working on the Federal Government authorized goose depredation has reached the limit of the permit. We have taken a total of 75 geese under this current program. The Association has an application in place for another permit to use next season if warranted.

We did a survey of the Lake and believe we have eight to ten resident geese left. The geese that you will see are now undergoing molt; that means they have lost their flight feathers and have great difficulty flying.

They will act strange by laying low in the water and even diving down and swimming under water. They will be in this condition for a period of three to four weeks. These birds are not wounded.

Please do not feed the geese and feel free to run them out of the Parks if you encounter them. They need to understand they are not welcome guests.

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There were no goslings that made it through the nesting season. That is great news as the number of birds that have imprinted memories of Lake Wildwood as their home is limited to the eight to ten (8-10) that we have seen. The Lake Committee and volunteers will now concentrate on non-lethal means of making Wildwood an undesirable place for transient geese as the season moves on.

For example, we have provided homeowners with green lasers in strategic points along the shoreline. The geese have great fear of the bright green spots and we can effectively move them off the Lake after dark and early in the morning. Security has a roving guard that carries a laser and scares them off early in the morning.

We are trying other methods of keeping transient geese off the Lake. We have been using reflectors, but they seem to only work for a limited time. We have erected a low net fence along the shoreline of Meadow Beach. So far, this barrier is keeping the geese from walking up the beach.

Our very first and most productive deterrence for the geese along our beaches has been the Goose Dog Patrol.

They visit the beaches on a regular basis, chase off the geese, and provide us with valuable statistics regarding the number of geese and their movement.

The Association and our volunteers’ attention to detail (number of birds, nests, egg production, etc.) allowed us to maintain an excellent working relationship with the Federal authorities for well over a decade.

We will be sending them a detailed report regarding the completion of this permit.

You will be happy to know that you will not be hearing anymore gunfire on the Lake. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please enjoy the Parks, Beaches, and the Lake during this wonderful and most active time of year in Wildwood.

Our testing program is in full swing and you will be notified of results and any potential issues. Your safe use of our common areas is a high priority.

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