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I guess I am getting old and grumpy. What is with the “good job” expression being so commonly used in very unexpected settings?

Most of us have used that term to praise our children and grandchildren when they accomplished something challenging or new.

Learning to tie shoes: Good Job

Making your bed all by yourself: Good Job

Making an A in math: Good job

You get this, right?

On a recent visit to the dentist, the hygienist, deep into my mouth, was giving instructions:

Open your mouth: Good Job

Turn your head to the left: Good Job

Rinse and spit: Good Job

Shortly after, on my visit to the doctor’s office I got:

Please step up and sit on the exam table: Good Job

Take a deep breath and hold: Good Job

Take another deep breath and hold: Good Job

I just had to ask each of them, “Do you have small children?” One did and one did not, which leads me to believe this expression is not just for those who have young children. It now permeates our daily language.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear children being praised for their accomplishments, but good grief I am an elderly woman who is just turning her head from side to side or taking deep breaths. This is akin to using the term sweetie to address me. No, thanks.

Okay, okay, I already admitted I am getting old and grumpy. But, I am sure that those of us who have reached the Golden Age do not want our lives diminished by language used on small children. We can share life experiences with these young folks that would knock their socks off. And yes, we did a GOOD JOB.



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