GM Search Over­—Bryan Cox New General Manager |

GM Search Over­—Bryan Cox New General Manager

Mark Bailey, President, LWA

As reported by the Mike Doscher, the GM search committee identified four very qualified applicants for vacancy by Bob Mariani’s retirement. The Board of Directors interviewed these four candidates and voted to extend an offer to one of those candidates who accepted our offer.

It is my pleasure to announce that Bryan Cox will be joining our staff as General Manager. Bryan has extensive experience in Food and Beverage and Golf Operations, Budget Preparation, as well as general operations of an HOA. Over the next week Bryan will be provided an orientation with Bob Mariani, and will be officially our new GM beginning on Monday, September 23, 2019. We will be introducing Bryan to the community on September 30. More details will follow.

We are thankful for Bob Mariani’s time with us and wish him well in retirement, and we look forward to having Bryan Cox as our new GM.

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