GM Mariani AnnouncesRetirement as of July 19 |

GM Mariani AnnouncesRetirement as of July 19

LWA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors received notice from our General Manager, Bob Mariani, that he has decided to officially retire as of July 19.

This is good news and a well thought-out decision for Bob, but Wildwood will certainly miss his experienced hand at the helm.

Bob has taken Wildwood through some very positive changes over the last two years. Many of the changes will carry through well into the future. It has been a pleasure to work with Bob.

In keeping with Bob’s management style, he has offered to stay up to an additional 60 days post-retirement to help the Board of Directors find a replacement.

Bob has developed a strong team and the transition to a new GM should not impact the services you receive.

He will be missed.

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