Get irresponsible spending under control |

Get irresponsible spending under control

I recently sent a letter to The Union concerning “No new taxes.” I am a citizen of Nevada County, a businessman and have raised five children here in Grass Valley. I found out soon after the letter to The Union that the state does not need a vote for new taxes on your property, they just mandate a new fee and demand payment.

This so-called fire fee and mandate sounds pretty much like what we are facing nationally with health care. It is a tax and I hope it will be found to be illegal. I paid mine under protest. I feel bad for the lady who wrote to The Union and said she would have a hard time paying for this. This so-called fee has no checks and balances so it can be manipulated and raised according to the needs of select people.

However, I have a question to the lady who will have a difficult time paying this unfair tax: Did you vote, and what and who did you vote for in the last election?

Please be careful when you vote. Not all of our representatives have our best interest in mind. Fact is, their agenda is: tax and spend and to make sure their salary, pension, and Cadillac health care, financed by the people is always well-funded. All of these people are in the public sector (government).

Not all of our representatives have our best interest in mind.

Our financial problem is simple. From the top down; corruption, lack of wisdom when it comes to spending our hard earned money and greed. No amount of new tax or fee’s will fix this problem.(Get It). We sure do need to clean house. However it will never happen until the people wise up and make it happen.

No new taxes or fees. Stop the silly regulations and above all get the irresponsible spending under control. Period! The people are fed up!

Go vote!

Emery L. Wood lives in Grass Valley.

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