George Rebane: Planned (alternative to) Parenthood |

George Rebane: Planned (alternative to) Parenthood

By now we have all seen the videos of Planned Parenthood physicians marketing fetal body parts over lunch. The casual abandon evident in those conversations was one upped by the most recent release of a video made in a body parts lab where the staff displayed sampled remains of tiny humans ready for shipment.

Whether you’re for or against abortion, the new revelations of these dealings in purposely killed human flesh gives most of us pause, and perhaps asks us to re-examine what kind of industry have we created, and where such obviously callous treatment of human life can take us.

First some background. According to the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, more than 860,000 abortions are performed annually in the US.

More than 330,000, or almost 40 percent, of these are performed in Planned Parenthood clinics.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, more than 860,000 abortions are performed annually in the US. More than 330,000, or almost 40 percent, of these are performed in Planned Parenthood clinics.

Never mind that they claim these abortions make up only 3 percent of their “services,” because of the way a “service” is defined the real scope of the organization’s abortion factory is hidden from the casual reader.

Another way to size the problem is to consider that more than one out of six pregnancies in America terminate in an abortion.

What, you ask, is really being aborted? We can all acknowledge that it is a preborn human being who, at 25 weeks into gestation, has more than a 50-50 chance of surviving birth and growing into a normal adult.

And by law, such premature ex-utero infants are guaranteed the care they need to survive.

Nevertheless, until 2003 Planned Parenthood and other private abortion clinics regularly performed partial birth abortions in which a viable baby was killed by mangling its brain with scissors or snipping its spinal cord while any part of it remained in the birth canal.

Today, it is still possible to kill a viable human in the same manner through an intra-uterine procedure.

In short, you can circumvent the law by doing the deed before any legally defined components of the child are sticking out.

Within these considerations, it is up to each of us to define at what point in the gestation cycle, including the baby’s birth, does “fetal tissue” become a human being.

Now we know that fetal tissue has been used beneficially for medical research for some decades, so that is not the issue here.

Such tissue can be obtained from miscarriages and emergency abortions that sacrifice the child to save the mother’s life.

No one is arguing that the use of tissues obtained from these fetal deaths should not be available for beneficial medical research.

What we are considering is at what point in the development of a viable human being is it still legal to put it to death without due process.

And what is the impact of that on today’s society, especially on the lives of the poor, and where is making abortion cheap and facile taking us as a society?

Today, the careful crunching of babies is legal, and strongly motivated by both the profit motive and an encompassing government that seeks to inject itself into the most intimate parts of our lives.

It is easy to see how profit motivates, but understanding government’s involvement requires digging a bit deeper.

First, let’s dispense with notions like “Black lives matter” — given the overwhelming murder of blacks by blacks and the share of abortions performed on poor black women.

We know that black lives matter only in the rare cases when there are non-blacks involved in the death of a post-partum African-American.

And in those cases it is obvious that another agenda is being promoted wherein such deaths, no matter their legitimacy, may serve a useful purpose.

So where are we going as we demand that government pay for more and more of our daily upkeep?

The more it does that, the more government claims a right to make decisions for the common good at the cost of denying the claims of any individual.

How long until a subsequently diagnosed three-week-old baby is put to death in order to save society the enormous cost of subsidizing its lifelong care, and spare its family the burden of giving such care?

Then for the common good, perhaps it does serve a more noble purpose that Planned Parenthood determines where best to crunch such infants so that their short lives can be of greatest benefit to us all.

Finally, those who want to explore options that don’t involve supplying body parts can visit Living Well Medical Clinic at 105 Catherine Lane, Grass Valley (530-272-6800).

George Rebane lives in Nevada City.

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