General Manager’s Report |

General Manager’s Report

By Bob Mariani, GM, LWA


Boat Storage Accommodations for Lake Water Lowering:

As previously noted in an email blast to the Membership, silt will be removed from the Lake which requires the Lake Water to be lowered beginning October 15.
Due to the late notice of the lowering of the Lake Water and inconvenience caused by this project, the Board planned to grant one-time waivers to Rules R-6.30.20 andR-6.30.30. However, it was brought to the Board’s attention that a waiver of these Rules would ignore or override boat and RV storage stipulations in the Association’s Declaration, which is not within the Board’s authority. Therefore, a complete waiver of these Rules and/or the Declaration may not be waived by the Board.
However, if you have no other location except your residence to store your boat that has been removed from the Lake for the desilting, it is suggested that you contact the Environment Management Office (EMO) at (530) 432-0633 to apply for temporary storage of your boat. If you submit an application as suggested, the EMO will assist you in every way possible to help assure that your boat is properly stored on your property during the time that it must be removed from the Lake for the desilting project.
Copy of September 21 e- Blast: Update on Lake
With summer coming to an end it’s a good time to provide an update on the status of this year’s lake program. The best news is that there have been no new cases of O157:H7 reported to the Health Department this year. The Health Department continued their “Swim at Your Own Risk” advisory for the Lake all summer and the Association provided easy access to the test data to help people make informed decisions. A conservative approach was taken to help ensure no other illnesses occurred, and affected beaches were closed anytime the O157:H7 strain was detected at or near a beach. Safety was the primary concern.
The increased lake monitoring and research that was instituted this year in response to last year’s E. coli O157:H7 outbreak was discussed at the Town Hall Meeting on May 23 and described in a series of e-Bits articles earlier this summer. A progress report on the project was prepared for the County Health Department and released on July 18. That report was also posted on the Association website for the Community. Much new information has been developed since the progress report was prepared. This year’s monitoring/research program will end in early October and a comprehensive report and analysis of the findings will be prepared at that time.

October 10, 2018 –1:30p.m.
The Oaks Clubhouse, Cedar Room

October 23, 2018 –1:30p.m.
Community Center, Lake Room

LAKE LOWERING will commence on October 15.
Boats need to be removed from the Lake NO LATER than October 14.

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