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Bryan Cox

Greetings neighbors. In these times of reconnecting after two years or more of isolation from our peers and friends, the separations have created norms that may well need to be relooked at… During our shutdowns, we were left with isolation, socialization with a very small groups or our closest friends and family, or just gravitating to new circles with the comfort of surrounding ourselves with common interest, grieving, or similar opinion relationships.

Although at first this may seem fine on the outside, we find ourselves alienating ourselves from alternate opinions and perspectives of our neighbors. Many studies have shown that when you gravitate and commune with only like-minded individuals, the result is an extreme position on your beliefs. Why is that important for a community to think about? As we begin to have more open meetings, events, and Town Halls, we are seeing more aggressive attitudes toward one another. I personally see opposing viewpoints presented in a way that in most cases loses the message entirely because of the abrupt, hostile manner in which both points are presented. The art of listening and reason seems to have vanished from our form of communication. The division between people is wide, growing, and dangerous to our community.

The solution to finding common ground is to look at what we are, who we are, and embrace just that. We are a common property community. We are a lifestyle for all. Whatever that lifestyle is, each one of us has a right to our beliefs and opinions. What is missing is the empathy, understanding, and respect for our neighbors’ opinions, wants, and needs. Somewhere in that gap is what we need to find. Somewhere we all need to be on common ground and not feel that “I am right, and you are wrong.”

In my thoughts in the last article, I stressed the idea of being neighborly over being right. We need to stop the shouting matches at Town Halls and Board Meetings. This will just not work. We cannot force our opinions on each other. You cannot shout each other into believing what you believe, nor can you out yell your neighbor into your beliefs or opinions. We are a community with a common ground. We are a beautiful collection of diversity and differences. That is the beauty of us. Let’s embrace each other’s different opinions and ideas. You listen to me, and I will listen to you. Seems pretty civil to me. Shake hands and think about it. Understand that it takes trillions of stars to make a universe. It takes many peoples to make a community.




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