General Manager—’Every year is a wonderful year!’ |

General Manager—’Every year is a wonderful year!’

New Year:
As far as I’m concerned, every year is a wonderful year, yet I think you may agree with me that 2018 was a volatile year for politics, the stock market and Lake Wildwood. So, here’s to a fantastic yet a bit less volatile 2019. I wish all of you a very healthy, happy,and successful coming year.
Clubhouse Celebrations:
Thinking of the New Year, keep in mind there will be a variety of functions at the Clubhouse for all tastes, pocket books, and ages. You have the choice of an excellent dinner, a casual bite and drink in the 19th Hole Bar and/or music and dancing in the Cedar Room. Plus you can celebrate with your neighbors without driving the open roads where you don’t want to be on New Year’s Eve.
Continuing Issues for 2019:
Several issues that impacted Lake Wildwood took place in 2018 and will continue to impact the Community in 2019. As pertinent information is available on these issues, you will be advised.
These matters include but are not limited to the Leadership Development program that will begin early in February; recommendations from the Planning Committee’s Working Group regarding new revenue sources and efficiencies; lawsuits regarding the Lake E. coli issue, action brought by Bob Bumgarner to reinstate Cyndi Price on the Board; and a suit brought by Steve Dilbeck regarding Rules that do that not allowshort-term rentals; the very important issue for fire fuel reduction; new performance expectations of Stonegate Protection; significant actions that will be taken to reduce the Clubhouse losses; decisions regarding replacement and upgrade of the vehicle access system; Rules reorganization and updating to improve Member understanding; improvements in communications; plus a number of other issues that will be generated from the Board goals.
PLEASE familiarize yourself with the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESSsection on the LWA website. Read through all sections, drive the alternative evacuation routes before you need one, set up your neighborhood buddy list, make sure your phone numbers are registered with CODE RED, and your GO Bag is ready.

Employee Holiday Fund:
I want to thank everyone who donated to the Employee Holiday Fund. The donated money was given to all employees as a Raley’s gift card prior to Christmas which gave the staff an opportunity to use the gift cards for Holiday purchases.

—Bob Mariani

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