Gene Jovich: Money is what marijuana cultivation is about |

Gene Jovich: Money is what marijuana cultivation is about

Recently I saw an article where a gentlemen called out the head of the pot growers’ front group the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) for the incredibly lax attitude toward facts.

Even more recently there was an article with a timeline of Nevada County’s evolution of pot regulations. If you read it at it is incredibly rich with links to The Union’s stories that were written at the time of the significant milestones.

What was really amazing are the quotes from the ASA boss over the years when compared to the most recent talking points we have heard since January.

Now their lawyer says no growers left indoor-only areas, citing Yuba County as an example. Yet the ASA boss acknowledged that their members moved to Yuba County when our old ordinance 2349 was stricter than Yuba’s.

They now say there will be no benefits to the neighborhoods from going indoors only. Then why have half of the counties in California gone indoors only, both urban and rural counties? Something like three quarters of the state has decided that pot shops are not a good thing for their communities or families, so why does Grass Valley now want one?

Measure W is a middle of the road regulation as far as the rest of the State of California stands now. Twelve plants with no square foot limit is very generous when compared to the state standard of 100 square feet. It’s even more generous than what the people of Colorado are allowed to grow at home.

The pot growers have said the craziest things about the money they say benefits the community and what would happen if we did any of the things they did not want over the years.

It’s always all about guilt trips and threats of doom and gloom financially.

In the roll-up to Nevada County ordinance 2349 their talking points were property values will crash, unemployment will skyrocket, and it will be the end of growth in Nevada County. They even spoke of all the stores big and small being gone.

Yet now we have the no-growth crew who interestingly are also some of the pro-pot lobby going bananas about the Dorsey Marketplace, Dollar Generals and the hotel with the restaurant that has been proposed. So much for the ASA’s history of projections of doom and gloom.

It’s hard to understand why they think their desires to smoke pot somehow override the rights of homeowners who have a reasonable expectation to be free of the burden of commercial pot grows in the neighborhoods.

They do not seem able to relate the world view of people who have sunk a half a million or more in their homes and do not want to be surrounded by growers who act like they are entitled. We have rights to the peaceful use of our homes without the burden and impacts of for-profit pot.

The pot growers say let’s have a warm fuzzy stakeholder conversation, don’t do what’s best for the neighborhoods. The problem is that we have learned from the experiences of recent years past in Nevada County. We voice our concerns and identify the harms to the neighborhoods and families and what do we get? We get the same combination of “it’s medicine” when it’s not, “we are sustainable organic earth-friendly” when no one I know has one of those in their neighborhoods — and the money, money, money.

The last one is what it and has always been about for them.

We tried accommodations and gave away too much in ordinance 2349 and they threw it back in our faces. They grew in greater and greater quantities with total disregard to the very liberal ordinance 2349. The apologists at the ASA will tell us we did not have an influx of growers when our lying eyes and noses tell us otherwise.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Measure W is the common sense solution for homeowners and their rights. Some say it provides too much pot with 48 plants worth in a calendar year. We are a compassionate community and can live with that so the truly sick can have what they need.

Homeowners are sick and tired of being second-class citizens and having our primary financial investment endangered by uncontrolled and uncaring pot profiteers.

Gene Jovich lives in Alta Sierra and is a member of SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana).

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