Fresh Maine Lobster Coming to Lake Wildwood |

Fresh Maine Lobster Coming to Lake Wildwood

Many Lake Wildwood residents know that Dustin Wright, LWA Director of Food & Beverage, was born and raised in a small fishing community named Pine Point located in Scarborough, Maine.

The house Dustin spent his adolescent years in was located directly across from a major fishing co-op, and a busy inlet for lobster fishermen. Their boats were moored when they were not out “hauling traps.” Dustin says, “While I took this daily view for granted at the time, I often reminisce about the special memories made during my time there, including my days as a student commercial clamdigger.”

“Lots of caffeine, bug spray, and Advil were how I survived the early morning and the manual labor of my summer job. Daily, I would haul my thigh high waders, clam rack, and gloves across the parking lot and to the shoreline and was always greeted by a chain-smoking mentor and fellow fisherman.

“Many life lessons were learned during this time including one of the obvious being hard work; but another was understanding and performing conservation projects to ensure that we would not overharvest and effect the longevity of the species in our area.”

Maine is a very special place for the seafood industry which is why we are excited to announce that this Valentine’s Day, Fresh Maine Lobster will be available. Down the road we will continue to feature seafood at The Oaks Clubhouse from the Fisherman’s Wharf of Portland, Maine.

Dustin recently reconnected with another mentor of his, Mark Murrell, who is the owner of the company, Get Maine Lobster.

This opens the door for endless opportunities and events to be hosted at The Oaks Clubhouse in Lake Wildwood, including traditional clambakes and lobster feeds, as well as fun specials like authentic Maine lobster and crab rolls.

“I am proud to share a little piece of my home state of Maine for many upcoming events. This is yet another unique experience for The Oaks as we continue to find new ways to enhance the experience of our Lake Wildwood community and their friends and family,” says Dustin.

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