Frank Pinney: Vote Strawser; he’s paid his dues |

Frank Pinney: Vote Strawser; he’s paid his dues

Heidi Hall not only owes Stan Meckler an apology but one to me as well. She has accused me of “rejecting science outright” in the debate on global warming. I do not reject legitimate science and I do believe there is global warming. It’s a natural cycle of warming and cooling every 1,500 years forever.

What I do reject is Heidi Hall lining herself up with actual internationally discredited charlatans who falsely claim that man is the cause of AGW and then attack dissenters like mad dogs.

They just gush over 197 countries agreeing on AGW in Paris but fail to mention that 192 of them voted to get a share in the trillions extorted from the other five.

Even the UN, the perpetrator of the hoax, says they have absolutely no proof that man is responsible. This whole argument would disappear if there were any proof.

Hall, in her run for county supervisor, has turned an apolitical position into a partisan one by running as a Democrat and gloating over it. Why she would want to represent half the county or less is beyond me. Why she would brag about being in the party that 70 percent of Americans say has taken us in the wrong direction is also beyond me.

Heidi states that she has “spent her whole life in government agencies.” Her bio shows that nobody in her family has ever had any experience in the private sector. How does this qualify one to advocate for and regulate our local businesses and spend our tax dollars wisely? Whatever happened to paying your dues for experience by serving on a school board, a city council, a chamber of commerce board or as mayor? These are dues Duane Strawser has paid, but not Hall.

Furthermore, she has stated that unlike former county supervisors she intends to make this a part-time job and dedicate only the time her State Water Agency full-time job will allow. Strawser has stated his intent to make this a full time endeavor. Hall seems intent to double dip at the public trough.

Hall points to her “experience” as having been a “professional environmentalist” with 25 years working for the EPA. Her financial experience she claims comes from handing out millions in taxpayer dollar grants to environmental activists.

I still don’t understand Heidi’s rejection of the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, personal freedoms and smaller government apparent in her continual attacks on the Tea Party. Her hatred is evident in her false claims that her opponent, Strawser, is financed by and his campaign is run by the Tea Party and that Tea Partiers doubt global warming and want to slash Social Security and Medicare.

Ms. Hall has only lived here a short while and doesn’t seem to realize that our county was created and maintained by people with Tea Party ethics and beliefs. Hard working, God fearing, honest people with small government and balanced budget approaches to life built this Utopia the Halls and Jim Firths choose to move to.

How can her EPA cronies, the state and the fed bureaucrats, possibly think they can do a better job managing timber than Robinson Timber, or mining than Newmont Mining or water resources than our NID has done for 150 years?

Our county has a long history of fending off “Johnny-Come-Lately” carpetbaggers who flee the mess they created in the Bay Area with their liberal activism. These are the people who choose Nevada County as Eden but as soon as they arrive they want to change it into what they left. Furthermore, once they get in they want the door slammed shut. And then they wonder why they can’t get elected.

Hall went to college back east, majored in political science and got two master’s degrees in international politics. Now she has moved to Nevada County and wants to govern us by what she learned in the Bay Area and the EPA. She wants to use our county government as a stepping stone into politics in the worst way. But do we need another Nancy Pelosi?

Frank Pinney is a retired farmer/rancher living in Grass Valley.

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