For Wildwood Property Owners with ‘Pump Tank Sewer Systems |

For Wildwood Property Owners with ‘Pump Tank Sewer Systems

Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1

Operations of Equipment: During power outages, sewer systems that operate on private pump tanks within the communities of Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood, Eden Ranch, Lake of the Pines and Dark Horse, will not be functional. All wastewater deposited into the tank will simply accumulate and have nowhere to go, potentially creating overflows and hazardous spills.

Water Conservation: It is imperative that during these extended power outages, residents conserve water usage as much as possible. This includes flushing of toilets and wastewater from sinks, tubs and showers, as well as laundry and dishwashers.

Use of Generators: Pump tanks will not be operational until either power is restored or unless the system has been professionally added to a whole-house, back-up generator by a licensed electrical contractor. It is highly discouraged that portable generators be used to operate pump tanks.

Alarms: Once power is restored, be prepared for alarms to go off on systems. It is not necessary to contact the Sanitation District regarding the alarm once the power has been restored unless it is in conjunction with a spill. Field technicians will be making the rounds at that time and checking on systems throughout the District.

Overflows and Spills: If an overflow or spill occurs, please immediately contact the Sanitation District at (530) 265-1555.

We ask that residents are patient during this event and once power is restored. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

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