New General Manager Search in Progress |

New General Manager Search in Progress

Bob Mariani’s decision to retire was a blow to our organization but true to his management style and business ethics, Bob is helping us find and transition to a new General Manger.

Bob offered to stay on an additional 60 days, and we have arrived at a mutually agreeable arrangement for compensation during this period. Bob will maintain his GM duties but also concentrate on leading the search for his replacement. We will not engage a search firm as in the past.

Working with two Board members and our Human Resources Manager our GM position has already been posted on numerous industry sites and we have received several applicants.

We hope to receive more candidates, but this initial list of resumes has been reviewed and we will start doing phone interviews with six promising individuals.

After Bob and the team will have more information on the initial slate of six candidates, the team will then begin to brief the full Board of the progress and get their input.

With Bob’s experience and connections in the industry and using in house talent we believe we can avoid the cost of a search firm and still find a quality person. We are also keeping a close eye on the calendar and the team believes we will have a person in the seat for a timely transition.

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