Filing Claims Against ‘Mother Nature’ |

Filing Claims Against ‘Mother Nature’

Mike Dobbins, Editor

Since the last we talked, PG&E has shutdown power twice. (maybe more, I’m writing this a week ago. You might be reading this is the dark.) If you remember, I was very critical of the electric company’s ability to communicate with us during the early October event. So giving credit where credit is due, I must say they were better in the most recent shutdown, and especially in the following re-boosting period. Not Great. But better.

Confession: Watching my Cedar and Pine trees sweeping frantically back and forth out me front window during last Sunday’s 20-30 mph winds, I was happy to be without power. Shhh. Don’t tell.

I suspect this is our new normal. I know generator retailers are giddy. I suspect they will be for a while.

While it’s easy to blame PG&E for this mess… let’s not forget those people working overtime for that company, trying to get the lights back on. They are our family-members, friends and co-workers, often facing hazardous conditions, trying to get us all plugged back in. They deserve our thanks as do the other “first-responders” making sure to keep a lid on the “can of chaos” these events create.

But, as long as society thinks it’s OK to sue Mother Nature, corporations, such as PG&E, will be careful to avoid being labeled its co-conspirator.

So…new norm?…Yep. Get used to it.


Looks like Wildwood leaders are considering a recommendation by its Substantiability Work Group to open The Oaks and the Community Center to the Public for special events. “Considering” in the active adverb, here. This falls into the same category as opening the golf course to public membership approved earlier this year. I suspect there will be a lot of comment and consternation given before directors final their decision. Stay tuned.

In other action, Directors appointed Jim Britton as the new Treasurer for the Board and thanked Bob Anderson for his 5+ plus years as association Treasurer.

Next time you see TWI will be November 15. Deadline is November 6.

Veteran’s Day is November 11. Take a moment for them and those before them.

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