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Federal inaction encourages more Murrietas

MURIETTA, Calif. — A federal failure has resulted in the “catch and release” of non-citizens, undocumented, unscreened for disease or criminal records who crossed the United States border in Texas.

A message has been sent to the economically challenged peoples of Central America that we have an open door policy. They would be foolish not to take this opportunity, those that are already here, undocumented for years are sending for their children, 52,000 of them by September 2014. The intent of the federal policy is to send illegal immigrants to their intended family/friend support destination in the United States.

Fast forward to Alan Long, mayor of Murrieta, who is told in late June that three busloads of undocumented men, women and children will be “processed” and released at the border patrol facility in Murrieta. The reality of processing is minimal health screening, treatment if necessary, recording the name given by the “client,” awarding them a paper with a location and court date, giving them money to begin their travel and new life as an undocumented alien in the United States. Following this processing they are also given information on what organizations — be they government or private — can assist them with regular money until they land employment. Mayor Long anticipated the police, hospital, criminal impacts of this federal program and requested financial aid and/or help from those who created this impact. That, of course, was turned down.

Mayor Long then tried to prepare his town of Murrieta, which is a voting conservative stronghold in the foothills of Southern California, located on I-15 with the historic Route 395 running through it. At a town hall meeting on June 30, according to the Valley News (http://www.MyValleyNews.com), he “stood in solidarity with other city and local officials at a press conference.”

Locals vow to stand vigilant, while rumors abound of riot squads in full gear being sent to mount an attack on American citizens.

He said, “This is a failure to enforce federal law at the federal level”. They expressed disapproval of the undocumented immigrants being bussed in from the San Diego Airport. First buses arrived July 1 and is said to be ongoing. According to reports the detainees from Texas would be heading in droves to the community.

An initial coordination meeting was held at the Duck Pond in Temecula where 20-30 of concerned citizens shared what they knew. The residents in Murrieta then began monitoring the Border Patrol detention on Madison Street. As their numbers grew, their resolve became more defined, “turn the buses around.” Other than the news agencies, there is no Tea Party here, no GOP, no Oathkeepers, Minutemen or politicians. Folks drive by and drop off cases of water, sub sandwiches, Gatorade, boxes of snack trail mix bars showing the support of the “resistance.” On July 1, this very real “grassroots” movement grew to approximately 200 and they successfully turned the buses. They claim the supporters of the illegals came by bus, having been hyped into action by the Latino news media and a singer named Rivera.

In talking to locals John Henry, Bob Zaneski, Jackie Ashby and Tim Doyle, these undocumented people are being used as “pawns” to raise money for the federal programs sought by the majority party. They believe it’s an injustice to them, having been lured here to be met with signs protesting their illegal arrival. It’s a travesty to them all and to the people of Murrieta who are standing firm in their belief that our borders need to be protected and that our immigration policies should be enforced and changed as necessary at the federal level — not in Murrieta.

Locals vow to stand vigilant, while rumors abound of riot squads in full gear being sent to mount an attack on American citizens. It was posted on Facebook that the undocumented headed for this area are being transferred in unmarked cars and public school buses taking them to an unknown spot in the Pechenga area for processing and releasing.

Meanwhile, the federal government has yet to deal with the problem. However, they have stepped up the game for money, almost $4 billion.

How many of those dollars have been earmarked for securing the borders, finishing the fence that Clinton promised, buying surveillance equipment, positioning our Border Patrol on the Rio Grande instead of 40 miles back?

All a mystery that will no doubt encourage more Murrietas.

Cj Bryant, who lives in Nevada City, traveled to Murrieta, Calif., on July 8.

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